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Speaker won’t connect to Wi-Fi network

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Speaker wont connect to Wi-Fi network.



symptom  Symptom

              Cannot connect to home Wi-Fi network


checkpoint  Checkpoint


Are other devices connecting to home network fine?

   - If no, configure AP router to broadcast SSID, extend IP address distribution and ensure you

     have correct password to access & connect. Find out whether AP router running latest

     manufacturer firmware version, if not, locate, download and install.


   - If yes, ensure SSID is visible from device attempting to connect and password is correct.

     Extend the range of IP address distribution on AP router.


Check the SSID and password of your router as well as Wireless Mode.


setup  How to setup

1. Check if the SSID and password of the router are correct according to the guide of Music

    Flow Player application when connecting to a Wi-Fi network.


2. If a router is set at 802.11ac mode, reset it to 802.11n before using it. For more information

    on router setting, refer your AP router user manual.


3. Ensure smartphone and speaker ate attempting to connect to the same home network.


4. If you purchased a speaker from overseas, set the channel of router to the range of 1 to 11

    which is 2.4GHz bandwidth channel. For more information on router setting, refer to the router


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