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G4 – Glance View feature option

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Glance View feature overview



Function Function


          1. To use Glance View, all you need to do is swipe downwards in sleep mode to access

              notifications — no need to wake or unlock the phone!




How to use How to use


            1. Glance View works best when initiated about ½ inch below the top of the display [Image 1].
            2. When you have dragged your finger down the screen another ½ inch, the backlight
                turns “on” [Image 2 & 3].
              image 2   Image 3 
           3. When you have dragged your finger down the screen well over one inch length, glance view
               screen gets displayed [Image 4].
              Image 4 
          4. Glance view will not be activated when the screen lock is off.

          5. Glance View may not work well in the following situations:


             - Within 1 second after phone has turned “off”                                 

             - Dragged too fast or up and down

             - Angle of the drag is greater than 60 degrees


             Image 5

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