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Calendar application overview

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Calendar application options



image Calendar application overview


            Calendar application helps you manage all events at a glance. When you log in with your Google

            account, you can invite or share your schedule with family and friends. 

            From the Schedule Library, simply add an event or receive recommendations based on your interests.

            Events saved via your phone can be shown on your PC. Those saved on your Google account will

            appear on the Google Calendar.



image Adding new event

            1. From the Home screen, tap App Calendar.

            2. Select a date and tap + to add a new event. You can also add an event from the daily, weekly,

                monthly, yearly or agenda calendar view screen.

            3. Fill in entries.

            4. Tap Save to complete.  When you tap Cancel you will be brought back to the calendar screen

                whatever information temporarily entered will not have been saved.



image Schedule Library


            Tap the envelope-shaped icon on the top right from the daily, weekly or monthly calendar view

            screen to open the Schedule Library. Drag and drop into the Calendar to save as an event.


            1. Schedules on your Facebook account and tagged locations may not be supported on some
                devices .
            2. Library: You can manage images, texts, memos and temporary saved events. Texts, images
                             and memos from other apps can be shared and saved in the library. Schedule will be
                             temporarily saved if you tap Add to library .
            3. Facebook schedule: You can add your Facebook account to check events .
            4. Tagged location: Look up information such as restaurants or facilities near a selected location
                to plan your events .
            5. To do list: Manage your list of to-do activities without failing due dates .



image Checking schedule

            1. Select a date featuring an event on the monthly screen. A pop-up will appear. Tap + to add an


            2. Choose an event on the pop-up to see details. Press the pencil-shaped icon to edit an event or
                tap the Trash icon to delete the event. Tap the Menu icon at the top right corner of the screen to
                copy, share or add to tasks .



image Weather link


            Peak at weather forecast for the coming week. To set up, go to Apps Settings Calendar

            setting Weather


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