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Error code 0x1111004

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Upon notification of an Operating System (OS) version update and downloading such, should the installation fail resulting in an error code “0x1111004”, it means your phone was rooted and, as such, since core file configuration has been altered, the update file cannot relate to the rooted version and successfully install.

You need to restore the phone to its original status whereas it will then be in a position to accept over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Please follow below procedures.

Do note the following:

1. It won’t wipe the /data/ partition of your device.

2. It will reinstall any bloat you have uninstalled including those apps that your carrier put into /data/

3. It will remove any files you have added to /system/ including root or other modifications

4. Any files you have "frozen" will stay disabled, you cannot unfreeze them without rooting again.


1. Download & install LG PC Suite from LG's website (for G3 models or older). Download & install LG Bridge for G4 models or newer.

2. Update the app so it recognises the phone - this should ask you to update automatically on opening the app, if not you can do it from the "help" menu.

(NB: if you have used some of the KDZ flashing methods on here you may have issues updating as your hosts file probably got altered to block the PC Suite gaining a connection).

3. Connect the phone via USB.

4. With the device connected go to the "phone" menu in PC Suite and select the option that says "Restore Upgrade Errors".

5. It will then scan your device, download the rom and begin flashing, this is all automatic without any further input from you, do not cancel it.

6. The phone will reboot when finished. You are now unrooted and unmodified and OTA's should now work.

LG Electronics does not encourage customers to root their phone. Rooting phone will void the warranty.

Pending on how severe rooting got, there is no guarantee these instructions will restore the phone.


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