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Favorite Channels – webOS TV version 2.0

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Making use of Favorite Channel feature on webOS 2.0




- Adding favorite TV channels to favorite listing

- Adding frequently viewed TV channels to launcher bar

- Removing channels from favorite listing

Above tasks are incumbent upon TV receiving over-the-air broadcasting or cable TV channels

without the use of a cable receiver set-top-box. In a nutshell, a TV channel scan was successfully

run at the time of initial TV setting.



Verify to ensure TV running on webOS 2.0 version.



1. Access on screen the TV channel you wish to add to favorite listing then press  on the

    remote controller.

    Move to channel you wish to add to Favorites and press on the remote controller.


2. Locate the ADD CHANNEL icon on the launcher bar and click on the icon.

    Press on the remote controller and select Favorite Channel


3. Add channel by clicking the ( + ) icon on the launcher bar sub-menu. 

    Select to add to Favorite Channels



4. Then simply access the ADD CHANNEL icon to get to favorite channels to select favorite channel

    among a maximum listing of 8 favorite channels..

    Select a channel on Favorites to view.




Deleting channels from favorites


1. Press  on the remote controller to activate the launcher bar.

    Locate the ADD CHANNEL icon on the launcher bar and click on the icon.

    Move cursor at listed channel you wish to delete and click on arrow up over icon.

    Select on the top of channel you wish to delete.


2. Click on DELETE icon appearing over raised channel tab.

    Select to delete the channel





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