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Supported Keyboard & Mouse peripherals

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Connecting peripheral input devices to TV other than remote controller


Symptom Symptom

          1. I want to connect a keyboard or mouse to TV.




How to connect Connecting a keyboard, mouse and a gaming device to a TV

             1. You can connect a wired/wireless keyboard or mouse to Smart TV models released
                 after 2012

               ※ Bluetooth keyboard and mouse cannot be used.


              1) Connect the keyboard to USB port. You can enter text with the keyboard to use search

                   engines and Internet.


              2) Text inputs may not be available for some features.


              3) Use of peripherals that passed compatibility testing with LG TVs are recommended:

                    > Logitec K200, K400, MICROSOFT Comfort Curve 2000 , MICROSOFT  MS800, 

                       LG Electronics ST-800

                    > webOS  models : Logitec K360, Logitec K400, Logitec K750, LG Electronics MKS-1200


              4) You can change language input by pressing language key (or Alt button on the right).


              5) Wireless USB keyboards can be affected by their connectivity range and the wireless



              6) Use a keyboard on TV screen or a  USB keyboard to enter text.


             2. For gaming devices, connect them to a USB port on TV to enjoy games. 

             1) Use of gaming devices that passed compatibility testing with LG TVs is recommended:

                  LogitecF310, LogitecF510, LogitecF710, Logitec Rumblepad 2, Logitec Cordless

                      Rumblepad 2,  Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller (Wired)

                  webOS Models: LogitecF310, LogitecF510, Logitec F710, Logitec Rumblepad 2,

                      Logitec Cordless Rumblepad 2, Logitec Dual Action Gamepad, MicrosoftXbox 360

                      Controller (Wired), Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller

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