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FPS Game Mode – Picture optimized (first person shooter game)

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In order to increase realism and the overall game-playing experience, especially in the context of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, there are two Picture Presets optimizing the action appearing on screen.


There are three (3) adjustment enhancements made to the Factory Custom (Game) settings in order to optimize picture quality viewed to facilitate a better video gaming experience.

  1. In both cases, Sharpness is cranked all the way to “100”.
  2. In both cases, Response Time is set to “High”.
  3. Black Stabilizer gets set to “60” for FPS Game 1 video preset.
  4. Black Stabilizer gets set to “100” for FPS Game 2 video preset.

We are told, visual improvement gets increased between 5~10% whenever selecting either optimized Game Mode.

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