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Picture Quality – White Balance

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Recognizing that colors on a television screen derived from captured black & white images way back

when, it would be wise recommending calibrating the intricate & subtle nuances of shadow and light on

screen so that once colors are added the magic of motion would transcend just impeccably beautifully at

filling your eyes whenever viewing your flat panel display.


Proper calibration of the white balance implies absolutely totally no tint of colour whatsoever in the

blend… total absence of colors, even the slightest hint.




Optimizing the picture quality through calibrating and correcting the white balance will ensure that

every tiniest smallest detail on screen normally dismissed through “black level crushing” or “white

blooming” is perceptible to the naked eye.




Upon completion of expertly executed calibration on the television, end-user should terminate by

tweaking picture settings one last time for ultimate optimal picture quality. LG features Picture

Wizard on-screen display menu option for a rather explicit yet simple to use and navigate system

to finalize and complete picture settings virtually bringing the screen to life.


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