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Air Conditioner Turns Off On It's Own

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If your air conditioner is powering off on its own, this can be caused by the unit not being on a dedicated circuit breaker, or an incorrect mode setting.

If you air conditioner still has power but stops running, this could be the result of the unit being in the wrong mode of operation. Press the MODE key until “COOL” is selected. You may need to adjust the temperature setting keys to a temperature setting that is lower than the current temperature.

If your air conditioner has completely lost power and in unresponsive to any of the controls, turn the circuit breaker to the unit off and back on again. If the breaker is tripping and causing the loss of power, turn off all other electrical devices in the room besides the air conditioner. If the air conditioner runs fine with the other devices turned off, then likely the unit is not on a dedicated circuit breaker.

Note: If your air conditioner is not on a dedicated circuit breaker, the unit may power on but not run. The reason for this is the unit does not require as much power to display the settings, or even run the fan, as it does to turn on and run the compressor. The air conditioner must be on a dedicated circuit breaker not shared with other outlets.

Most newer models will have a green LED indicator on the back of the power cord. If the green light is not illuminated, press the RESET button on the power cord to restore power.

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