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Multi/Single Split AC remote controller functions

Multi/Single Split AC remote controller functions

AC remote controller functions

This is a generic overview of remote controller functions for Multi-Split and/or Single-Split Indoor wall mounted air conditioner units.Not all functions are designed to operate all indoor units. Check your Owner Manual for which functions are specific to your unit. Customers looking to reconnect their air conditioner unit to their home network Wi-Fi, please consult the following “A/C WI-FI CONNECTIVITY” Video.

If below remote controller illustrations do not match yours, your unit might be quite mature. Please consult the section immediately following Remote Controller page 12. Customer Remote Controllers seeking in-depth information about the various feature/functions of their Split AC unit, please consult the very bottom of this article immediately following Vintage model remote controller feature & functions.

Setting the current Time

  1. Insert batteries.

    The icon below blinks at the bottom of the display screen.

    Setting Time instructions
  2. Press Up and down keys on remote controller button to select the minutes.
  3. Press SET / CANCEL to finish
Note The On/Off Timer is available after setting the current time.

Using the °C/°F Conversion Function (Optional)

*This function changes unit between °C and °F.

  1. Press and hold illustrated button for about 5 seconds. Unit conversion button

Using Wireless Remote Control

Remote controller functions page 10 Remote controller functions page 11 Remote controller functions page 12

For a more visual approach consult the video below:

Remote Control for more mature Air Conditioner Units

Older model remote controller  

In-depth Feature / Function Descriptions

Feature description page 13  

Feature description page 14  

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