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    Display goes out
    DISPLAY SHUTS OFF COMPLETELYDisplay blanks out into sleep mode Symptom 1. Product display window turns “off” posting no information andvoid of light. Checkpoint 1. This is considered normal as long as display can be turned “on”. Cause 1. Th...
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    [VIDEO] EasyClean & Self-Clean Features
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    Countertop microwave oven installation
    INSTALLATION TIPSProper installation of a countertop microwave oven Symptom 1. Precautions for installing as well as caring & cleaning forcountertop microwave oven. How to install 1. Install on a firm, solid and even surface. 2. Check the p...
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    EasyClean™ feature explanation
    EASYCLEAN™ FEATURE EXPLANATIONCleaning the oven cavity is a tedious chore. Ironically, the longer we wait themore painful the task.The new EasyClean™ LG feature was designed to take away the negativity of thechore and everythingabout it and...
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