We will give you LG warranty information here We will give you LG warranty information here

Warranty Coverage Program

We will give you LG warranty information here

LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to its products within the warranty period through its Service Technicians and Authorized Service Centers. Each LG product has a different set of warranty conditions, so please refer to information below.

Warranty Info



Costs : An LG product within the manufacturer’s warranty will be covered by LG for both Parts and Labour. For more specific product terms please refer to the terms provided on the warranty card that accompanied your product at the time of purchase.

Coverage : In the event that your product is identified for "In Home" repairs, the in-warranty coverage will be a 150 km radius from the nearest authorized service center (ASC). If your product is outside this radius, it will be your responsibility to bring the unit to the ASC for repair.

In-Warranty Duration: Standard Warranty is 1 year parts and labour from the purchased date listed on the bill of sale (AC units excluded). You are invited to call LG Electronics Canada Customer Service (1-888-542-2623) and speak to a representative for any pertinent support question.  The LG representative can dispatch an LG authorized service provider to your home to provide the required in-warranty support.  You (the customer) must be the original owner of the unit being serviced and must present the LG Servicer with the bill of sale as the servicer will require a copy for his claim to LG Electronics Canada.  The servicer has the right to refuse a repair if the customer does not provide the bill of sale.  The unit must have an LG “Model and Serial Tag” visible as the servicer will also take a picture of the serial tag for LG records. Unfortunately LG will not cover an LG product with a defaced or missing serial tag.  Refurbished products or products from second hand shops (reseller) will not be covered under warranty.  All products must be purchased in Canada in order to qualify for in-warranty support.  Before purchasing an online unit, make sure the model is a Canadian model from a Canadian Website.

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Out of Warranty:

Once the LG unit is out of the 1st year Warranty, is a refurbished unit, has non warrantable issues such as  dents scratches, cracks do to misuse, or has been resold (2nd owner), you (the customer) are responsible for the cost of the entire repair including Parts, Labour and mileage (if the servicer requires).  You (the customer) are invited to call LG Electronics Canada Customer Service, (1-888-542-2623) and speak to a representative for any support questions you might have and to arrange for an out of warranty repair. We welcome you to leverage our “One Price” Program as a low cost solution to these out of warranty repairs. Regardless, LG will dispatch an authorized servicer for you (the customer) to get your product repaired. In the event you do not participate in our "One Price" program, you (the customer) will be responsible for the repair charges paid to the servicer.  Please note, the servicer will charge their own shop rates, their own labour rates, mileage charges and standard LG parts rates.

90 Day repair Warranty: Out Of Warranty (OOW) part(s) replaced at a cost to you (the customer) have a 90 day warranty.  This 90 day warranty is for the specific part(s) that failed and were replaced during the original service call. LG will cover the part(s) and installation of the part(s) only for 90 days from the original installation date.

THE LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER damage caused by transportation and handling, including scratches, dents, chips and/or other damage to the finish of your product, unless such damage results from defects in materials or workmanship and is reported within one (1) week of delivery.

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Category by Type
Category by Type
Air Conditioners:

Please refer to the owner’s manual as all models and serial numbers have various warranties.

  • Gold Star: 1 year parts & labour
  • LG Brand: 1 year parts & labour
  • 5 years on the compressor (part only)
  • LG Brand: 1 Year Parts & Labour | LG Studio: 2 Years Parts & Labour
  • 7 Year Sealed System (parts only)*
  • 10 Years Compressor (parts only)*
  • depending on model, some conditions may apply.
Microwave Ovens (Over-the-Range):
  • 1 year parts & labour
  • 5 years on the magnetron (part only)
Microwave Ovens (countertop):
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • 5 years on the magnetron (part only)
  • 1 year parts & labour | LG Studio: 2 Years Parts & Labour
  • (including radiant cooktop)
  • 1 year Parts & Labour
  • 10 years DD Motor
  • 3 years STS Drum
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour
  • 3 years Dryer Drum (Parts Only)
  • 10 years Dual Inverter Compressor (Parts Only)
  • 10 years Motor (Parts Only)
  • LG Brand: 1 Year on Parts & Labour | LG Studio: 2 Years on Parts & Labour
  • 5 years on Main PCB & Rack and Stainless Steel Door Liner (part only)
  • 10 years part only Direct Drive Motor (Sump is not the DD Motor)
Vacuum Cleaners:
  • LG Brand: LUV200R, LUV300B – 5 years parts & labour, excluding the agitator motor 3 years parts only
  • LG Brand: LCV700 & LCV800 – 3 years parts and labour
  • 1 year Parts & Labour
  • 10 years Inverter Compressor


OLED TV/LCD TV: 1 year parts & labour
Commercial TV: 2 years parts & labour
Hotel TV: 2 years parts & labour
Commercial Lite: 2 years parts & labour
Signage Monitor: 3 years parts & labour
Blu-ray/DVD player/recorder: 1 year replacement warranty
Audio Home Theater Systems: 1 year parts & labour (some models are replacement only)
LCD Monitors: 1 year parts & labour (some models are replacement only)
Notebooks: 1 year parts & labour
Remotes: 1 year replacement warranty (Customer damage not covered)