Smart innovations are based on smart savings and convenience. Introducing India’s 1stDirect cool refrigerators with Smart Inverter Technology. It offers a range of features such as great savings and super silent operation and an energy efficient performance. It also stands out when compared to its counterparts in the same category with its smart inverter compressor.


Designed for ultimate convenience, it has some unique advantages – longer freshness retention, less noise and low voltage start with eco-friendly refrigerators. LG Direct Cool Refrigerator comes with smart inverter compressor technology which comes with an extensive array of benefits. Being the most advanced compressor, it helps in saving 19% more energy than conventional energy saving refrigerators by controlling its cooling capacity. The compressor adjusts each temperature level which in turn also controls in effective noise reduction.


With smart compressor technology, the fridge supports both Low Voltage Start and a High Voltage Safe. In summertime, there are comparatively more voltage issues but the compressor makes it virtual stabilizer free.



Apart from it, the refrigerator also offers the longest cooling retention during power cuts. It doesn’t require any extra energy consumption or extra compressor load. The internal cooling gel ensures uninterrupted cooling for up to 12 hours in the refrigerator section during power-cuts. It enables the fruits and vegetables to stay fresh for a longer period of time.


The LG Direct Cool range of refrigerator comes in unparalleled colors and design. The floral design adds a hint of elegance to your kitchen area making it more impressive. If you’re looking for a refrigerator that saves money, saves power and is an epitome of style, LG Direct Cool refrigerator is your one-stop solution. Now, during power-cuts, keep your calm even when the refrigerator is full of edibles because your yummy dishes will remain fresh up to 12 hours.  Experience cooling at a whole new level with Smart compressor technology enabled LG Direct Cool refrigerators.

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