Easing Laundry with ezDispense™

Easing Laundry
with ezDispense™


LG, a leading electronics manufacturer, is renowned for its focus on innovation and efficiency. We continue this tradition in LG home appliances with the introduction of ezDispense™, a new feature for LG washing machines.


In essence, ezDispense™ simplifies laundry care by automatically determining the optimal amount of detergent for each wash cycle you select. The dispenser then adds the detergent at the beginning of the wash, ensuring your clothes receive the proper cleaning, regardless of whether you choose a quick or long cycle.


What is the Whole Buzz About?

Gone are the days when you had to add the detergent manually with each cycle. It was a hectic, time-consuming process, and often, you didn't realize the accurate quantity of detergent that should be used. The solution to all these problems is ezDispense™.


This feature comes with multiple benefits and combines with AIDD, it makes the machine an intelligent laundry companion. Here are the benefits of ezDispense™.


Benefits of ezDispense™ Auto Dosing

• ezDispense™ + AIDD™ = Powerful Combo

Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive technology in LG washing machines weighs your laundry and identifies the type of fabric you are washing. This indicates that it selects the ideal drum movements to maintain your clothing feeling and looking brand new. No fabric is too delicate for AIDD™'s gentle care. Ez Dispense automatically adds the optimal amount of detergent for each load.


The combination of ezDispense™ and AIDD™ ensures that loads are clean and handled with care. Together, these features create a hassle-free laundry experience.


• ezDispense™ Shields Your Clothes

The ezDispense™ auto-dosing technology guarantees consistent care for your clothes. It dispenses the perfect amount of detergent based on the weight and kind of materials in the drum. Overuse can damage clothes while skimping leaves them dingy. Now, every wash will yield excellent results, and with ezDispense™, perfect laundry results are effortless, making laundry day a breeze.


• It Can Expedite Your Laundry Sessions

In addition to providing excellent cleaning outcomes, ezDispense™ auto dosing technology expedites your wash cycles. It adjusts the program's parameters after verifying the weight and fabric type, eliminating any manual intervention. You don’t have to do the effort to add the detergent manually.

Top Washing Machine Models Featuring ezDispense™


FHD1308STB - 13/08Kg Front Load Washer Dryer, AI Direct Drive™, ez-Dispense, Black VCM


Key Features:



• 6 Motion DD

• TurboWash 360˚

• ezDispense™

• Steam+

• ThinQ


Along with ezDispense™, this LG Washer Dryer model also features Turbowash 360-degree, Steam+, and others. Forget laundry woes! AIDD analyzes fabrics and adjusts washing motions for optimal care, while 6 Motion DD simulates handwashing for a thorough clean. TurboWash 360˚ delivers a deep clean in record time.


Plus, the ezDispense™ automatically dispenses detergent for each load, saving you time and effort. Steam+ eliminates allergens and wrinkles, and ThinQ lets you control your laundry remotely – all in one sleek LG package!


In Conclusion

With ezDispense™, laundry transforms from a chore to a breeze. This innovative feature simplifies the process, eliminates guesswork, and guarantees optimal detergent usage for every load. With LG's advanced washing technologies like AIDD and 6 Motion DD, ezDispense™ delivers exceptional cleaning results while protecting your clothes.


So, ditch the measuring cups and embrace a smarter, easier laundry experience with LG ezDispense™. Visit your nearest LG retailer or explore our website to discover the perfect model for your needs. Happy washing!