When it comes to a TV for watching sports, it’s more than just the colors that you see. For all the people who love watching sports, fast-moving action, numerous players, you require a TV that can handle all the flurry without making anything coming on the screen blur.

LG OLED TV comes with Self Lit Pixels that make sports feel realistic. LG OLED TVs can display fast-moving sport with less blur and flicker than you might see on backlit LCD TVs. If you love watching sports at home then there isn’t any better option than LG OLED TV for your home.

Here’s how LG OLED TV makes sports feel realistic-

• Self- Lit Pixels show every action in all its glory

As every pixel illuminates one by one, LG OLED TVs can display fast-moving sport with less blur and flicker than you might see on backlit LCD TVs. OLED Motion Pro shows action-packed sport with uniformity and clarity, while advanced TruMotion lets you see every small object and movement at all times.


• Self-Lit Pixels take 8K to new levels

REAL 8K delivers a stadium atmosphere right before your eyes. LG OLED 8K uses deep-learning algorithms to upscale 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture. Enjoy content with reduced noise and enhanced sharpness, detail, and definition.

• Self-Lit Pixels gives every seat you sit in your home a stadium feel

LG OLED TVs make you feel like you’re watching every big game in person. The huge screen of 223.23 cm (88) with more than 100 million self-lit subpixels* showcases every small movement without any color shift, blur, or flicker — and you get an equally great view from every seat in the room.

• You’ll not miss any game ever

Catch every moment of your favorite team with Sports Alert. As soon as you register your team, LG OLED TVs notify you about results, fixtures, and start times. You can also keep track of your teams with automatic updates throughout games.

• Real surround sound for the big game

The Bluetooth Surround Sound fully immerses you in a three-dimensional sporting atmosphere.

All you have to do is simply connect two identical Bluetooth speakers to your LG OLED TV. Position them as rear speakers and they work together with the TV audio to deliver a transformative big game feeling.

• You’ll feel like you’re on the sidelines

The α9 Gen3 AI processor uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically detect the genre and switch to sports mode. The players’ movements, expressions, and numbers will appear more clearly and make it seem like they’re right in front of you. Whenever you change the channel, you’ll be surrounded by an intense audio-visual experience.

Let nothing ruin your sports watching experience at home. Get yourself an LG OLED TV Today!
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