Enjoy Every Minute of Entertainment with the Best OLED TV

In most households, a TV serves as the epicentre of entertainment. They are how you stream and binge your favourite TV shows. They are how you watch the long-awaited sports game. And they are how you play the latest video game, often online with your friends.

If you are someone who watches cinema, sports, live events and plays games on TV, the picture quality becomes quite important. Our Best OLED TVs can offer you just that. It is time you upgrade to the best possible viewing experience in the market by choosing LG OLED TVs.

We at LG have mastered super-innovative technology, so you can enjoy every minute of entertainment.

Defining Aspects of the Best OLED TV in India

With our best OLED TVs, you can view content that bursts into life before your eyes. Here are some of the unique features of LG OLED TVs that allow us to light up your world:

  • • Brightness Booster

The self-lit pixels of the best OLED TVs illuminate like never before. The α9 Gen5 AI processor at its core can control the pixels. Combined with the brightness booster, it can enhance the brightness by up to 30% compared to non OLED evo models.

  • • Infinite Contrast

Infinite Contrast

With this feature, you will be able to witness the difference between perfect blacks. The self-lit pixels of the best OLED TV turn themselves on and off without a backlight. This makes the dark areas stay dark as onyx and the bright areas exceptionally lit.

  • • 100% Color Fidelity

100% Color Fidelity

With our latest smart TVs, you may experience color as accurately as intended by the content creator. There won’t be any distortions or exaggerations, only the natural hues that match the original content. Our OLED panels are certified by Intertek for 100% color fidelity.

  • • Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail

This feature can allow the frames to come alive before your eyes. It makes use of light sensors to optimize the picture in response to the brightness level of your room. Even in a daylit room, you will be able to see the hard-to-spot details to better experience your favourite gritty drama show. Scenes will burst into life, and every element will be displayed in vivid clarity.

  • • Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

With Dolby Atmos, you may experience immersive sound from all around. The best OLED TV can place each sound in its own space for a multi-dimensional experience. It will allow you to hear every whisper and roar from beside the sofa.

  • • Dolby Vision Gaming & HGiG

Dolby Vision Gaming & HGiG

LG OLED TVs are the first in the industry to support Vision Gaming 4K at 120Hz. With this, you can view the game’s cinematics just like real life with the combination of smooth HDR and fluid 120Hz. HGiG was developed to apply optimal HDR settings to a TV’s performance range. It allows the viewers to experience a much more accurate picture without too much saturation or overexposed areas.

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Make the Right Choice!

The best OLED TVs can take movies, sports, and gaming to a different level. Our latest range of smart TVs is packed with 4K resolution, deeper shades of black, and infinite contrast to let you enjoy every single moment of entertainment.

Regardless of what you’re watching or playing, it is without a doubt that the best OLED TV can offer a truly perfect viewing experience. Apart from TVs, we at LG also offer home electronic appliances such as microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

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