Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Headphones

Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Headphones


Today's world is busy with things that overload their schedules; having your favorite music by your side in the best quality sound is something that aids in slowing down and taking a moment for yourself. Imagine yourself standing on the side of the road, and you realize how noisy and fast-moving this world is all the time. But, when you stand at the same spot, thinking the same thing, only this time you have your favorite song playing in your wireless earbuds. The same situation somehow just becomes calmer and contemplative, this is exactly what music adds to everyone's life.



This blog will talk about the features and advantages of LG's TONE-FREE Wireless Earbuds, highlighting how it helps customers experience high-quality immersive hearing. Before moving further, let us learn about Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and LG's UVnano breakthrough to understand what makes the Tone-Free Wireless Earbuds innovative and special.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)


When one thinks about buying the best headphones/earbuds, the primary criterion to be considered is Bluetooth. The next thing to see is if your pick comes with active noise canceling feature; if not, then it is up to date with the technology we are harvesting today.


Using highly advanced technology to counter and cancel out all the active noise around you is what we usually call the Active Noise Cancellation feature in headphones/earbuds. The sensor recognizes the sound pattern of extra noise, then successfully creates an anti-noise mirror signal to cancel it out.


This feature enables an individual to enjoy their music in any situation without any outside noise interrupting their experience. It is important to appreciate the work of talented musicians by listening to it all crystal clear. This is where LG's TONE-FREE Wireless Earbuds come into play, the world turns upside down when there are only good sounds and no noise. We ensure that our customers experience the best of viewing and listening when our top-shelf products are designed. 

The UVnano Cleanliness Breakthrough

Nowadays, cleanliness cannot be stressed enough. With LG being at the peak of innovation, we would like to take the idea of cleanliness to a new level. UVnano is an innovative and elaborate sanitizing technology that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in just a few minutes. The newly designed LG TONE-FREE FN7 is equipped with a UVnano charging case that kills harmful germs while charging.  


Studies have shown that headphones/earbuds have more bacteria than kitchen chopping boards. Therefore, it is essential to deeply understand the devices an individual uses to know better and make smart purchases. These wireless earbuds exempt you from all the cleanliness-related worries. LG's slim charging case keeps listeners' ears cleaner by utilizing built-in ultraviolet (UV) light that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone ear gel and inner mesh.


We have not only made use of this breakthrough in wireless earbuds but also in LG's newest air purifiersair-conditioners, and the InstaView line of refrigerators. A 360-degree to the epitome of sanitization is what we aim to produce and provide to our customers. 

A Peek into the Future

Ultraviolet lights have changed the technology game in essential ways, and we have adopted the revolution in the most innovative form. LG's UVnano keeps allergies and bacteria at bay; from wearables to home appliances, we are a step ahead in encouraging and promoting healthier living. This is just half of it, considering the proper sanitation is lined with clear and spatial audio.

Now you know where to turn when it comes to buying the best Bluetooth headphones, whether offline or online. Let the Bluetooth headphone shopping begin. Explore our website today!

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