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Frequently Asked Question on Air Purifiers


Does LG make air purifiers for all needs?


In light of the escalating pollution worldwide, the demand for air purification has become increasingly urgent. Recognizing this necessity, LG, an internationally renowned brand, developed diverse air pollution solutions tailored to different customer requirements.

In response to this demand, air purifiers became imperative. Our range of air purifiers incorporates advanced attributes such as comprehensive 360-degree purification, an intelligent PM 1.0 sensor and display, and a multi-filtration system. These combined features position our air purifiers as the optimal choice.


What are the best features of LG Air Purifiers?


As the Air Quality Index (AQI) continues to rise, LG Air Purifiers have been engineered and designed to cater to modern environments where people grapple with challenges stemming from pollution.

LG air purifiers are instilled with multiple features such as:

• 360˚ Purification: LG's "360˚ Purification" is a feature in select air purifiers that draws in air from all sides, enhancing filtration efficiency. It processes air through multiple filters to comprehensively remove pollutants, providing thorough air purification for improved indoor air quality.

• Multi-Filtration System: Multi-Filtration System is a thorough air cleaning process using multiple filters to remove various particles and pollutants, ensuring fresher air indoors. The Multi-filtration process eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, 99.999% of dust, allergens, and harmful gases, such as bad odours and smog.

• PM 1.0 Smart Sensor & Indicator: It detects ultra-fine particles, indicating air quality. Users can check the air quality at a glance with a colour-coded indicator based on the PM 1.0 sensor detecting system. The PuriCare™ 360 HIT air purifier automatically detects the indoor air condition and marks it on the indicator on the side of the machine in four colours: red, orange, yellow, or green.

• LG ThinQ™: The Smart technology allows users to connect their purifier to their phone, letting them control and monitor air quality from anywhere.

• Compact in Size: The space-saving design of LG Air Purifiers fits well in any room, making it convenient to place and use while effectively purifying the air. Despite their compact size, these air purifiers have a wide coverage area.


What is the concept of the PM 1.0 Smart Sensor and Indicators?


The PM 1.0 Smart Sensor and Indicators in air purifiers represent an advanced monitoring system. PM 1.0 refers to particulate matter as tiny as 1.0 micrometres, which can contain harmful pollutants. The smart sensor detects these ultra-fine particles, assessing indoor air quality in real time.

The indicators then communicate this information through visual cues, often colour-coded displays or lights. Green indicates good air quality, while transitioning to yellow and red suggests declining quality. These indicators prompt timely actions—like adjusting purifier settings or improving ventilation—to maintain a healthier environment.

Overall this technology provides valuable insights into air quality, fostering proactive steps for better indoor living conditions.


Can I connect my air purifier to my phone using Wi-Fi?


Yes, users can connect the LG Air Purifiers to their phones through Wi-Fi using LG ThinQ app. With this app, you can connect to LG PuriCare™ Air purifiers remotely. The solution-oriented technology makes operation swift and ensures you come home to a clean & fresh environment.

It's important to have a stable & reliable Wi-Fi network to ensure that your LG smart devices and the LG ThinQ app can communicate effectively. If your Wi-Fi network experiences connectivity issues, it could impact your ability to control and manage your devices using the app.


Do I need an air purifier if my air quality is clean?


Air purifiers are primarily used to improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants from the air. Air quality can fluctuate due to a range of factors, including seasonal shifts, outdoor pollution, indoor activities, and the presence of potential allergens.

Even in generally good environments, air purifiers can offer benefits by further enhancing air quality and reducing allergens, odours, & airborne particles.

Assess your specific needs, potential triggers for health issues, and preferences before deciding whether an air purifier is necessary for your home.

However, if your air quality is consistently good and meets health and comfort standards, you might not necessarily need an air purifier.


Is it good to use an air purifier every day?


Yes, using an air purifier every day can be beneficial, especially if you want to maintain consistently good indoor air quality. Air purifiers are designed to remove pollutants, allergens, and particles from the air, which can help create a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Regular use can be helpful for individuals with allergies, respiratory issues, or sensitivity to airborne irritants.

The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on factors like the type of purifier, the size of the room, the specific pollutants you are targeting, and the purifier's specifications.

LG Air Purifiers have a multi-filtration system to ensure that you get only pure air to breathe. LG ThinQ connectivity makes controls and operations smooth & hassle-free.

Users can follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage, maintenance, and filter replacement for optimal results.


What filters are included with the LG PuriCare purifiers?


The LG PuriCare purifiers are equipped with the following filters:

• Pre-Filter: The LG PuriCare air purifier is equipped with pre-filter, an initial layer designed to capture larger particles like dust, pet hair, and pollen. It extends the lifespan of the other filters and improves overall system efficiency by preventing clogging and build-up.

• HEPA 13 Filter: The High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a core component of the LG PuriCare air purifier. It targets small particles down to 0.1 microns with remarkable efficiency, removing allergens, fine dust, and even bacteria from the air. This filter helps ensure a higher indoor air quality level, especially for those with respiratory concerns.

• Harmful Gas Care Filter: The Harmful Gas Care Filter addresses gaseous pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours. This filter employs an advanced adsorption process to capture and neutralise harmful gases, enhancing the purifier's capability to provide cleaner and fresher air. It is particularly beneficial for environments with sources of indoor air pollution, like cooking or chemicals.

• Ionizer Filter: The Ionizer reduces harmful bacteria, keeping your family healthy.


What are the smart features of the LG PuriCare 360 HIT air purifier?


The LG PuriCare 360 HIT is equipped with pioneering features tailored to the demands of urban living environments. Below, we present key features of this exceptional air purifier that are essential to know:

• See Your Air Quality at a Glance: The PuriCare™ air purifier automatically detects indoor air condition and marks it on the indicator on the side of the machine in six colours: Violet, Pink, red, orange, yellow, or green. It closely monitors dust particles and air quality. A violet colour denotes the worst air quality, and a green colour signifies the best air quality.

• Multi-filtration System: Multi-filtration system captures and removes 99.1% of harmful particles-bacteria, viruses, dust, allergen, and odour components.

• Extra Sensitive for Extra Tiny Particles: The PM 1.0 Sensor detects contaminants undetectable by the human eye.

• Allergy Care: It reduces bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine dust, allergens, and even harmful gases in the air. The Ionizer reduces harmful bacteria, keeping your family healthy.

• A Size that Fits All Spaces: The compact size of LG PuriCare 360 HIT makes it ideal for all homes as users do not have to worry about the fitting space.


What are the smart features of the LG PuriCare AS95 Double Booster Air Purifier?


The benefits of LG PuriCare AS95 Double booster air purifier are listed below:

• Comprehensive Care: This is a powerful Air Purifier that enhances your indoor air quality with its unique 360° design and purification.

• 360º Purification: It absorbs pollutants from 360° and delivers clean air to all corners wherever you choose to place it.

• PM 1.0 Smart Sensor & Display: LG PuriCare provides a real-time reading of your indoor smell and particulate levels with its smart PM 1.0 and Gas sensor that automatically sets the airflow & operation cycle. The Smart display is the lighting system that shows various colours based on the pollution level of the space.

• Clean Booster: Clean Booster lifts and rotates to deliver clean air to all corners. It delivers filtered clean air to a 7.5m distance.*

• 6-Step Filtration for Complete Protection: Inflowing air goes through a 360º filtration system that eliminates ultra-fine dust, allergens, and total harmful gas. It removes ultra-fine particles, ensuring complete dust removal with allergy care.

• Baby Care: LG PuriCare Air Purifier believes in intensive care for your crawling toddlers. It delivers pure air at the ground level too.

• LG ThinQ: With the smart ThinQ wi-fi-enabled control, you can easily access and operate your air purifier from anywhere.


What is the warranty on the LG PuriCare 360 HIT air purifier?


LG PuriCare 360 HIT air purifier comes with 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty. Please check the documents with the product thoroughly and ask the seller to know more about the warranty.


What is the coverage area of the LG PuriCare 360 HIT?


The coverage area of LG PuriCare 360 HIT is 62.8 metres square.


What is the coverage area of the LG PuriCare AS95 Double booster HIT?


The coverage area of the LG PuriCare AS95 Double booster HIT is 91.0 m2.


How can I contact LG customer support?


LG is a user-trusted brand known for its quality and innovation. We ensure a smooth customer journey and easy access to support. You can connect with us through WhatsApp, telephone, LG chatbot, e-mail, and video call, or simply click this link to reach us.


What are the dimensions and weight of the LG PuriCare 360 HIT air purifier?


The LG PuriCare 360 HIT air purifier product weight is 6.75 kg. The dimensions of the product are: WxHxD - 315 x 315 x 511 (mm)

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