The virtuous and exquisite leather shield LG G4 with its redefined curve is all set to beat the intense and revitalize threshold. It’s just like a test drive before purchasing a car. The opportunity to blow the trumpet and give a vow is a step ahead.

The pleasure is in the hands of a beholder who is all set to take part in the #TryLG G4 campaign and experience the richness of LG G4 before it set its trap in the Indian market.

You don’t have to be a saint to try it out but make sure you are not in the queue.


Sign in with your social media account and be true to yourself by answering one simple question that is asked in the website. Your message will be counted as a part of the participation and the lucky winners will be given a chance to devote the best of LG G4 for a month after the campaign that will run until May 5th, 2015.

Winners will be selected with lucky draw and will be notified individually via email or landline provided. Make sure to respond within 3 days from the date you receive notification from us.   So… what are you waiting for? One month test drive on LG G4 is far better than just a getaway with any other smartphone.

Click here to participate in TryLGG4