Oops! Not again another summer!

Are you confused why are you sweating? Is it the sweat out of soaring electricity bill or summer heat? Well… it is better to sweat than to tolerate the monotonous hum of mosquitoes. But it becomes annoying when both fool around with our patience. As if both have taken humanity for granted.

In addition, the outrageous summer heat seems to surge to reach the highest level of mercury thermometer every year. At the same time… the increase of global death toll due to fatal diseases like malaria and dengue.

Now it is time to say NO to both summer heat and mosquitoes at once. It is just like killing two birds with one stone. Defeat the summer heat! Play the coolest tricks to keep mosquitoes away at the same time.

WOAH! The new Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology from LG does all at once, transiting beyond cooling and taking hold of a healthy environment at home.

So far in India, air conditioners were just for cooling purpose… but now with the LG Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology, you experience not just cooling anymore. Rather you bring a pleasant life that you have dreamt once. Phew!!! No more a traumatic electricity bill. No more mosquitoes.

Designed specifically for Indian summer rages, the new Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology from LG is a – revolution with Inverter V technology that reduce electricity bills by 66%. Further, the ultrasonic wave technology helps to keep away mosquitoes, and bring a comfort zone at home ensuring pure and hygienic air to breathe.

The mosquito away technology work on the principle of ultrasonic waves that reduce mosquito’s ability to detect CO2 exhaled by humans, become inactive and fly away. The most important part of the technology is that this independent operation does not require any toxic repellent to repel mosquitoes, making it safe for a baby or an elderly person.

So we now have for you one of the wonders of technology, sensibly crafted and incorporated in our range of air conditioners. It is time to bring a comfort zone at home ensuring happiness and enjoyment with #InnovationForABetterLife.

Stay pleasantly!

Know more : http://bit.ly/MosquitoAwayAC_LGBlog