3D TVs are all the rage these days. They are the talk of the industry, especially as more and more 3D content becomes available and prices for the TVs come down to a more affordable range. And what’s really amazing is that the industry is projecting a jaw-dropping 23 million 3D TVs to be produced this year. That’s a five-fold increase from the 4.2 million manufactured last year. Production numbers alone speak volumes about the level of consumer interest.

And, with its outstanding technology, LG CINEMA 3D TVs are at the center of attention. Earlier this year there was a lot of heated debate about the different types of 3D technology. LG uses the Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) Type in its CINEMA 3D TVs, the superiority of which was confirmed in a report released by iSuppli, a globally renowned market research company. According to iSuppli, the number of FPR Type 3D TVs will surpass the number of Shutter Glasses (SG) Type by 2015. With LG as the established leader in FPR Type technology, the future of technological advancements looks very bright.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons why LG’s 3D technology is superior to the conventional 3D with this video.

It’s easy to see the true value of LG CINEMA 3D TVs and how far they surpass SG types when it comes to flickering and viewing angle, something that has been confirmed independently by a variety of media around the world.

For example, “What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision,” a UK-based magazine for audiophiles, makes the case even more strongly.





* A review magazine on consumer electronics published in UK,’What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision’ is recognized for its prestigious review and guide to buying and owning home entertainment products. More than 500,000 copies are sold every month.

In its TEST VERDICT section, the magazine compared watching the movie Avatar in 3D on a LG CINEMA 3D TV (model #47LW650) with a conventional SG type 3D TV. The magazine pointed out many of the 47LW650’s strong suits but, where it really shone was the stress-free viewing.

There’s a lot to like about the LG 47LW650T: it delivers a convincing case for passive 3D technology, you get all those 3D glasses as part of the package and we found it restful to watch without the fatiguing crosstalk of some active-shutter designs…the 47LW650T is definitely worth putting on your shortlist.

The magazine gave it a 5-star rating. Furthermore, American IT magazine PC World claimed that LG’s FPR 3D TVs have superior 3D effects when compared to conventional 3D TVs, while CNET’s Asia edition also gave LG CINEMA 3D TV 4 stars on the 15th and selected it as an Editor’s Choice!

As the market for 3D TVs continues to heat up, consumers and media will continue to take notice of LG Electronics powerful 3D technology. We’ll continue to bring you all the good news, so stay tuned!


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