Make Every Wash Gentle Yet Efficient with the OUR Top Washing Machines in India

Explore the Premium features of LG Washers: Making Every Wash a Delightful Experience!


In ancient times, people washed their clothes with their hands. If you have ever washed clothes yourself, you would know it is a troublesome task. But today, with the advancement of technology and the evolution in the electronics industry, smart washing machines have come along. Moreover, it is not a luxury today.


Washing machines have become essential equipment in homes and play a key role in washing and drying clothes. Needless to say, they save us valuable time. You only have to place your garments in the machines, begin the cycle, and leave them for some time. You can go around and complete another task before you take out your clothes & put them on a hanger.


We at LG, offer some of the top washing machines in India that wash smartly and help you live free of worries. This article talks about the distinct features of the washer dryers offered by LG.

Top Features of LG Washer Dryers

· AI Direct Drive

LG AI direct-drive washing machine

It can give you freedom and peace of mind from the challenge of separating the clothes according to their fabric. Not just that, it also provides extra convenience and more fabric care.

·       TurboWash 360˚

Turbowash 360° feature

No more laundry blues with TurboWash 360˚. It enables you to do your laundry thoroughly in just 39 minutes with enhanced fabric protection. TurboWash 360˚ involves four directions of 3D multi-nozzles that reach every inch of your laundry.

·       LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ app feature

ThinQ technology in LG washing machines brings a range of benefits to enhance your laundry experience. With ThinQ, you can control and monitor your machine remotely using a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility. The smart diagnosis feature helps identify and troubleshoot common issues, potentially saving you time and money on service calls.


ThinQ also offers customized care by enabling you to download additional wash programs or customize existing ones to suit your specific needs. Also, integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allows you to control the machine using voice commands, making laundry management even more convenient and hands-free.

Final Thoughts

With three types of washing machines - top-loadfront-loadsemi-automatic washing machines & washer dryers and dryers as separate categories - LG always strives to offer the best quality home appliances with high-usability features. The best benefit of a washer-dryer is users do not have to wait for the washing cycle to end to dry the clothes. It offers the dual benefit of washing and drying.


Even the large washer dryer with a 21 kg capacity washes in 59 minutes. The smart washing machine with direct drive motors delivers quiet wash and offers durable mechanisms with lesser moving parts in comparison to the traditional belt and pulley system.


Lastly, washer and dryer combined to save space & time for buyers. With these features, LG becomes an obvious first choice for users to buy the best automatic washing machine in India.