Unlocking the Brilliance: 6 Features That Make LG OLED TV the Best in the Market

Unlocking the Brilliance: 6 Features That Make LG OLED TV the Best in the Market



OLED Technology Demystified

Cinephiles appreciate having a home theatre experience, and who wouldn't desire cinema-quality picture and sound in the comfort of their own space? LG's OLED TV is the solution to achieve this.


OLED TV (Organic Light-Emitting Diode Television) is type of television display technology that uses organic compounds to emit light and create images.  OLED TVs are popular for their exceptional picture quality and are considered an innovation in television technology.


OLED is for entertainment lovers who want to transform their home into a theatre. Bringing the power of self-lit pixels, ultra-slim design, and A9 Gen 5 AI processor - the OLED is the best of the best. Redefine your TV-watching experience with LG OLED !


What is Perfect Black?


Perfect Black is the terminology used in context of displays & screens. It often refers in which a pixel emits no light and appears completely black. In simple words, perfect black is the absence of any visible light from a display.


Explore the Unique Key Features of LG OLED TV


1. a9 Gen 6 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture & AI Sound

The 6th generation a9 AI processor removes noise, and optimizes contrast, and saturation. The result is crisp and high-quality visuals.


2. OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro

OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro refines imagery through an enhancement process that emphasizes the contrast in low-gradation areas brightens mid-tone areas and adds expressive details to high-gradation areas.


3. AI Super Upscaling- With AI Super Upscaling, blurry photos transform into stunning portraits, with faces gaining sharper definition and lifelike quality. Thanks to deep learning algorithms, AI Super Upscaling breathes new life into objects, revealing intricate details and a previously unseen depth.


4. HDR Expression Enhancer: HDR expression enhancer applies individual tone mapping curves to the objects your eyes are naturally drawn, making them stand out sharply and expressively.


5. Brightness Booster Max: LG OLED iconic self-lit pixels shine brighter than before with the Light boosting algorithm, Light Control Architecture, and other refinement driven by 1.a9 Gen 6 AI Processor 4K.


6. Self-Lit OLED: Pixels reach their brightest, most brilliant potential when they stand alone and shine without the dull glow of a backlight.



Benefits of OLED over traditional LED/LCD

OLED is top-notch entertainment tech that supersedes LED technology. You can find the differences below:



OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Display Technology

Organic compounds emit light when an electric current is applied.

Liquid crystals modulate light to create images.

Light-emitting diodes directly emit light.

Picture Quality

Excellent contrast ratio, true blacks, vibrant colors, and wide viewing angles.

Good contrast but may suffer from backlight bleed and limited viewing angles.

Good contrast, improved over traditional LCD, but not as good as OLED.

Black Levels

Perfect blacks since individual pixels can be turned off completely.

Generally not as deep as OLED, as LCDs rely on a backlight.

Better than traditional LCDs due to local dimming but not as good as OLED.


Extremely thin and flexible due to organic materials.

Thin but not as flexible as OLED.

Thin and rigid or flexible depending on the design.

HDR Capability

Excellent for HDR due to individual pixel control.

Supports HDR, but the quality varies depending on the type (e.g., IPS vs. VA).

Supports HDR, but quality varies depending on the type (e.g., QLED vs. standard LED).


Excellent uniformity since each pixel emits its own light.

May have backlight bleed, which can affect uniformity.

Improved uniformity compared to older LCDs but not as good as OLED.


How OLED enhances picture quality and contrast?

OLED enhances picture quality and contrast by individually illuminating each pixel. In an OLED display, when a pixel needs to be black, it remains completely turned off, resulting in true black levels and an infinite contrast ratio. This pixel-level control eliminates the need for a backlight, reducing light bleed and allowing for precise brightness adjustments. 


As a result, OLED displays deliver deeper blacks, vibrant colours, and superior contrast compared to LED displays, where a backlight is always present, causing some degree of light leakage and limiting the ability to achieve true black levels.



Smooth Motion and Gaming Excellence

 A. LG's motion handling technology

LG employs Motion OLED technology in its OLED TVs. This technology leverages OLED's fast pixel response time to deliver exceptional motion handling. It reduces motion blur and judder, leading to a smooth and fluid motion for fast-paced content like sports and action movies. You can enjoy the unstoppable fast gaming, cricket, and movie experience with OLED.


B. Low input lag and gaming performance

Low input lag is a crucial factor in gaming performance for OLED TVs. OLED displays inherently offer rapid pixel response times, reducing motion blur, essential for fast-paced gaming. Low input lag, typically found in OLED models, ensures minimal delay between a player's action on the controller and its representation on the screen. 


This near-instantaneous response enhances the gaming experience, making it more immersive and precise. OLED's vibrant colours, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios further elevate gaming visuals, making OLED TVs a preferred choice for serious gamers seeking top-notch performance and visual quality.


LG OLED Smart Features and AI Integration

A. LG's smart TV platform (webOS)

Thanks to webOS22, you can explore a variety of shows and movies with built-in apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, & YouTube and access free LG Channels. Think of having a plethora of content accessible to you with a click.


B. Seamless integration with smart home devices

OLED TVs connect and interact with other smart home devices like lights, thermostats, and security cameras. This integration enables users to control and monitor their entire smart home ecosystem through the TV, providing convenience and centralization of home automation.


LG OLED is the one and only, ultra slim TV - a perfect fit for plush home interior spaces. It is the must-have tech upgrade for gaming nerds. Filmmaker mode is the finest addition to OLED TVs - making it a suitable choice for movie lovers.