Why Using a Dishwasher Better than Cleaning Dishes with Your Hands?

When dishwashers were first launched, they were considered luxury home electronic appliances. But today, it is present in most Indian households. In fact, it has become an essential gadget that can allow you to save time and keep your utensils clean and hygienic. All you got to do is load the dishes, set it, and forget about it. Within some time, you can get your utensils fresh and clean.

With LG offering  dishwasher in India, forget wrinkly fingers from cleaning dishes with your hands. You no longer have to pain-staking task of washing each utensil with your hand. All that hassle can be easily handled by an efficient dishwasher.

Before you go and purchase the  dishwasher in India, read this article to understand the defining features of LG dishwashers.

Advantages of Purchasing the LG Dishwasher

There is no denying that owning a dishwasher can make your life much more convenient. It can offer you multiple benefits, especially if you run a busy family. Dishwashers can serve as the perfect time-saving solution.

Our latest range of dishwashers can bring a modern look to an Indian kitchen. LG dishwashers are built with innovative technology to work as beautifully as they look.

Here are some of the unique features that greatly add to the usual advantages of a standard dishwasher:

  • •  Minimalist Design

The sleek exterior design of the  dishwashers can complement your kitchen design. Also, the elegant interior design is quite durable in nature and can enhance aesthetic looks of your kitchen.

  • •  TrueSteam

Why Using a Dishwasher Better than Cleaning Dishes with Your Hands?

With this feature in LG dishwashers, you can get sparkling clean dishes. The high-temperature steam consisting of tiny particles easily separates the stains from dishes. TrueSteam leaves the dishes clean..LG

•  LG QuadWash

Why Using a Dishwasher Better than Cleaning Dishes with Your Hands?

The multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets provide maximum coverage to make sure that the utensils get clean in the first go. They shoot water streams that clean every corner of the dishes. Furthermore, four washing arms provide greater cleaning performance, and the multi-directional rotation offers enhanced cleaning with 48 water spray jets.

  • •  EasyRack Plus

With this feature in the best dishwasher in India, you will be able to adjust your utensils on the fly. The foldable tines can let you fit dishes wherever you want. It is also possible to adjust the height of the upper rack to three different levels to accommodate larger items on the rack. The best part is that it has 14 place setting capacity to let you clean different kinds of dishes in one go. With this, you can spend more time hosting your house parties than being in the kitchen.

Why Using a Dishwasher Better than Cleaning Dishes with Your Hands?

  • •  Inverter Direct Drive

The state-of-the-art technology used in our dishwashers enables quiet and energy-efficient operation. LG dishwashers consist of fewer parts to offer a reliable and hassle-free performance. Compared to conventional motors, the LG inverter direct drive helps reduce noise allowing convenient study and work as well as uninterrupted sleep.

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Final Thoughts!

With the best dishwasher in India within your reach, you do not have to spend time and effort washing utensils with hands. Our special features can make cleaning your utensils even more hygienic & convenient. So, bring happiness to your home with LG this new year.

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