OLED Sport

Experience world-class performance.

Large screen TV

Big games need a big screen.

LG OLED TVs make you feel like you're watching every game in person. Huge 77 (195.58cm), 83 (210.82cm), and 88 (223.52cm) screens showcase big games in breathtaking detail — and with a wide viewing angle, you get an equally great view from every seat in the room.

LG OLED TV Sport Large Screen

*Large screen refers to the 88 (223.52cm)z1, 83 (210.82cm)c1, 77 (195.58cm)g1, and 77 (195.58cm)c1 models.

OLED Motion Pro

All the action in all its glory.

Because LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that illuminate one by one, they can display fast-moving sport with less blur than backlit LED TVs. OLED Motion Pro inserts black data of adaptive duration to reduce motion blur. This delivers smoother action and a clearer viewing experience than before, allowing you to witness the quick and subtle detail of every play, in every type of sport.

LG OLED TV Sport Motion Pro

*OLED Motion Pro is included in G1, C1, B1 models.
*Screen images simulated.

Think you’ve found your perfect TV?

Sports alert

Stay up-to-date with your teams.

Catch every moment of your favorite teams with sports alert. As soon as you register, you'll receive notifications about results, fixtures, and start times. You can also keep track of your teams with automatic updates throughout games.

LG OLED TV Sports Alert

Different types of notifications about results, fixtures, and start times are listed horizontally under the image.

'*The supported sports and leagues may differ by country.
*Service not available for Russia.

Bluetooth surround ready

Make every game a home game.

Bluetooth surround ready fully immerses you in a three-dimensional sporting atmosphere. All you have to do is connect two identical bluetooth speakers to your LG OLED TV. Position them as rear speakers and they work together with the TV audio to deliver a big game feeling.

LG OLED TV Sport Bluetooth Surround Ready

*Connection Available : LG XBOOM Go (PK7/7W/5/5W, PL7/5, PN7/5), LG XBOOM Tower (RL3), LG XBOOM (RM2, RN9/7/5, ON9/7/5).
*Connection Available : JBL Clip3/Go2/Go, MARSHALL STOCKWELL II, B&O Beoplay P2, Canston LX-C600, Sony SRS-XB22.
*Speakers sold separately.