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LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Split Air Conditioners are equipped with advanced technologies like AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling, ADC Sensor and Wireless connectivity with LG ThinQ App and Voice Control, ensuring faster cooling & more energy savings with Smart Operations. Check price online and buy now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to pick split AC over window AC?
While both split and window ACs have their own sets of benefits, the advantages of choosing the prior over the latter are:
Space: In window air conditioners, an entire appliance is a single unit. This means you have to designate a whole window to accommodate the AC. However, split systems come with an indoor and outdoor unit, which can be set up on either side of the wall. Thus, you get more flexibility with space requirements.
Noise: While the window systems can be a little loud, the split air conditioners are virtually noiseless. In air conditioners, the compressors are typically responsible for generating noise. Since the compressor in split systems is housed outside of the house, the disturbance is minimised.
Aesthetics: Because split systems can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall, they blend better with room aesthetics when compared with window units.
Uniform cooling: The indoor unit of a split AC has a bigger, wider and powerful fan that throws the cool air in all directions and for longer distances. While a window AC has a smaller air-throw area, which makes space near the AC cooler and rest of the room remains at lower temperature.
What features and advantages do LG split systems offer?
The LG split air conditioners are one of the best cooling options available in the market. They ensure enhanced performance because of the following features:
- LG split systems come with AI Dual Inverter to predict appropriate cooling capacity and room conditions. It chooses the required fan speed and temperature settings to optimise temperatures.
- Viraat Mode ensures uniform temperature and faster cooling by increasing its cooling capacity from 110% to 117% varying from model to model.
- To eliminate microscopic particles, germs, and bacteria, and make the indoor space cleaner and safer, the LG split air conditioners use the Plasmaster Ionizer++ tech.
- The LG split air conditioners have ADC safety sensors that provide robustness and security at every step of the operations.
- Our systems use the most revolutionary UV Nano technology that uses ultraviolet light to sterilise the fan and prevent germs from sticking to the surface. The process helps blow fresher and purer air.
- The ThinQ Connectivity (wi-fi) makes the models compatible with smartphones. It allows you to monitor and control the system at any time from anywhere.
- AI+ Feature senses and monitor’s a user’s environment load, usage and then the AC sends this data to the server. After deep learning, it starts to automatically adjust to the user's preferences for maximum comfort.
What is LG’s AI+ Dual Inverter feature?
LG AI+ Dual Inverter is a robust mechanism and revolutionary tech that understands your usage pattern, lifestyle traits, and environmental conditions to provide customised results. It uses deep learning to predict and control the air conditioner’s cooling capacity & fan speed. Here is how this works:
The server collects information from different sources and stores unlimited data.
The stored details are processed at the backend to determine the ideal fan speed and cooling capacity.
What is the mute function in LG window air conditioners?
At times, you may get annoyed with the shriek-beep sound your system produces when you press a button on your AC remote. It may disturb your partner’s sleep or disrupt your thought pattern while working. To prevent such scenarios, the LG Dual Cool Inverter air conditioners have a mute feature. By pressing a single button, you can ensure quietude in the room and make your AC operate noiselessly.
Are LG Hot and Cold split air conditioners a better choice?
LG Hot and Cold split ACs are an ideal solution to control indoor temperatures. They deliver comfortable air throughout summers, winters, and monsoons. They come with the latest technology that ensures cool air in summers, warm air in winters, and dry air in monsoons without compromising your comfort. They ensure:
Air Purification

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