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How to control set top box with LG TV Remote


You can control set top box with LG Smart TV Remote controller



1) Universal control setting menu can be find out from TV menu depends on TV models

  • TV models up to 2018 year--> Go to Device Connector App in front screen of TV (launcher bar)
  • TV models of 2019 & 2020--> Go to Device Connection in Connection Setting menu of TV
  • TV models of 2021--> Go to External Device in General Setting menu of TV                       

2) After opening the Device connector app/ setting, select the device that you want to connect (Set top box, Audio system etc shown in list)

3) Select the correct input in your selected device is connected (HDMI/AV etc)

4) Please make sure your connecting device is placed within 1 meter away from LG TV

5) Select the correct device manufacturer name from next window (search option also available)

6) Use the text keys/function shown in next window to ensure TV remote is responding with your selected device. If TV remote is not responding then change remote control type and try until it works)     

7) Select Done once you finished the set up and exist from page.

8) Now you can use your TV remote controller to control your connected device's functions.

Important Note:

  • Few function may not support depends on the connected device type.
  • If your Set Top Box (STB) manufacturer name is not found in listed device then LG TV will not support this feature.
  • Setting menu of TV may vary from model to model, Please refer user guide of your TV to confirm on this feature.
  • This application support only with LG webOS Smart TV.
  • This feature supports only with the devices which are working on IR (Infra Red) frequency remote controller.


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