Searching for and purchasing the most energy efficient Fridge Freezer model can be hard to navigate, especially following the changes to the UK energy efficiency rating scale, which took place in 2021. However, when investing in a Fridge Freezer it’s fundamental that you select the perfect product for you. LG offer a great range of energy efficient Fridge Freezers, with a variety of models that cater for multiple household needs. 

LG is committed to developing innovations that ensure their products are as energy efficient as possible, whilst also helping customers to identify the best energy efficient product to suit their personal usage.

This article offers a step-by-step guide to support you in selecting the best energy-efficient Fridge Freezer for your household’s needs.   

1. Fridge energy ratings in the UK

In 2021, the UK changed the energy efficiency rating system for household appliances. Previously the system had run from A+++ to D but it now runs from A to G. This means that an old A+++ Fridge Freezer will now have a new rating in the new system. It’s also worth noting that an appliance’s energy rating may not directly correlate with what it was before, as the criteria for categorisation has also changed. 

Fridge freezer energy rating explained

The new adjusted rating system has been revised to support consumers and professional buyers to best understand a product’s energy efficiency. In a climate where reducing energy usage is paramount as consumers strive to be more sustainable, manufacturers have been developing products that use significantly less energy and therefore the old system has become obsolete, having been developed over 25 years ago. 

The new system improves clarity and offers consumers the average energy consumption in a colourful scale from A-G with a QR code on the top of the labels, available to scan for more in-depth product information. Most products that were previously classified as A+++ will now be classified as a B or C energy efficient model. 

Under this new system, where an appliance is given a rating on a scale of A to G, A is categorised as being the most efficient product of its class, and G is the least efficient. It is worth noting however, that in general, appliances are categorised by their size, and fridge freezers are rated on how efficient they are in relation to their size, rather than their kWh consumption.

This means that two different sized appliances with the same energy rating might use different amounts of electricity. Therefore, it is best to check the appliance’s energy label, and look for the product with the best energy rating for the size you require.

What is a good energy rating for a fridge freezer?

Because fridge freezers are rated by their size, meaning the bigger the fridge or freezer, the more it will cost to run, it may be more cost efficient to choose a smaller B-rated model, rather than a large A-rated one.

For more information on how to understand the new energy rating system in the UK head to the Energy Savings Trust, who have produced a series of guides to help provide a deeper understanding of the process. 

The current energy ratings model, updated from 2021
The current energy ratings model, updated from 2021

2. Factors affecting energy efficiency in general

There are a variety of factors that have an impact on your energy usage and efficiency, but there are also many ways to maximise your energy efficiency overall. When it comes to energy usage your appliances are one of the easiest ways to manage your consumption. The older your device is, the more likely it is to have a poor energy consumption rating. Newer technology has been designed with energy efficiency at its core. The size of your appliance is also another key factor at play, as ultimately the larger the appliance, the more likely it is to require higher amounts of energy. That is why when choosing the best Fridge Freezer for your household, it's important to consider the realistic amount of space you need within your appliance. Similarly, the brand and model of your product can have a vast impact on energy consumption. LG is committed to developing modern technologies that support energy efficiency, making sure that all appliances are as energy efficient as possible.  

There are also several external factors beyond the appliance itself which may impact how much energy you are using, from the number of people living in your household, to the weather conditions. Whilst these considerations may seem minor in comparison to an appliance’s energy rating, it can have a long-lasting effect. Therefore, if you feel as though your energy consumption is increasing 

LG DoorCooling™ GBD62PZYFN Fridge Freezer, 384L, Shiny Steel
LG DoorCooling™ GBD62PZYFN Fridge Freezer, 384L, Shiny Steel

3. How to choose an energy-efficient Fridge Freezer

LG are committed to developing products that reduce environmental impacts throughout their life cycle. This includes enhancing energy efficiency through reduction in power consumption and standby power. But LG take this commitment a step further through its ongoing innovation and research. Many of LG’s home appliances also offer unique features such as InstaView™ and FRESHBalancer™ Technology which both help to lower energy usage.

LG’s range of InstaView™ refrigerators are a prime example of technology which has been developed to improve energy efficiency. With the addition of the glass InstaView™ panel on the front door, you don’t have to open the fridge to check exactly what is inside - you can just knock on the glass panel twice to turn it transparent and make sure you have everything you need. This reduces the need to open the door which enables cool air to escape and in turn increases energy consumption, as the fridge needs to work harder to re-regulate the temperature. If you need to grab a bottle of milk or other frequently used items, you can do so just by opening the door-in-door, which reduces the need to open the main door and lose the cold air- keeping food fresher for longer! 

Some of LG’s Fridge Freezers, like the LG InstaView™ ThinQ™ GSXV90BSAE American style Fridge Freezer and LG Door-in-Door™ GSJV91BSAE American style Fridge Freezer, can also be synced with Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa enabling voice recognition. LG ThinQ™ with Smart Learner provides Wi-Fi connectivity so you can operate and monitor appliances remotely, whether that's to change the temperature or to activate express freeze in preparation for loading your items after a grocery trip. By receiving push notifications you'll be notified of any issues, such as the door being left open to reduce risk of spoiling your food. With the addition of Smart Learner, customers can enjoy convenient, tailored operation. Smart Learner modifies the appliance behaviour based on customer usage habits. By proactively cooling and dropping products into low power mode, energy usage is reduced, and you can save on overall running costs.  

LG Fridge Freezer installed in the kitchen.
LG Fridge Freezer installed in the kitchen.

4. How to increase energy efficiency in general

How to reduce the energy usage on your Fridge Freezer day-to-day?

  1. Even if your Fridge Freezer has a lower energy efficiency rating, there are still ways to maximise energy efficiency and guarantee that you are doing the most to reduce your energy usage. LG’s top tips to minimise energy in Fridge Freezers include:
  2. Ensure there’s sufficient space between stored foods in the fridge, this allows the cold air to be circulated evenly and lowers your overall energy usage
  3. When storing less food than usual, consider adjusting the temperature a couple of degrees higher to reduce energy usage
  4. When going away, remember to activate eco mode to save energy
  5. Cool your batch cooked meals thoroughly before freezing, putting hot food into a freezer will cause a temperature increase, resulting in other foods defrosting and higher energy usage
  6. Store your batch cooked meals in airtight oven proof containers. This will stop smells transferring and improve freezer cooling 
  7. Do not set the temperature of the fridge appliance lower than needed 
  8. Allow space around the outside of the appliance for ventilation

How can an energy efficient Fridge Freezer help you save on your household bills?

 A Fridge Freezer can be a practical investment to reduce your household bills, LG’s Centum™ GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer, which has an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, could offer you a potential annual saving of over £600. LG’s Centum™ Fridge Freezer will cool your food with less temperature fluctuations with its Linear Cooling™ technology and DoorCooling™ air vents, which cool more evenly and faster to help maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products. It also offers an industry-first 20-year compressor warranty, so you have peace of mind that it’s built to last.

Other ways you can be more energy efficient at home

You can save on energy around the house, with a number of household appliances, not just with your Fridge Freezer. LG’s product experts have compiled some top tips to maximise your overall energy efficiency. 

Washing Machine

  • The most efficient energy consumption setting is generally those that perform at lower temperatures and at a longer duration
  • Load your appliance based on manufacturer recommendations for desired program
  • Do not overdose with detergent. Overdosing results in increased work, decreased wash performance and impacts the condition of your clothes, an auto-dosing product will dispense the correct amount of detergent and will save you money annually

Washer Dryer

  • Use higher spin speeds to reduce remaining moisture in clothes, this lowers your energy usage when drying clothes
  • When using the dryer, consider using eco or low energy cycles to reduce energy usage
  • LG’s EcoHybrid™ technology allows for a choice between normal and eco drying, the eco setting reduces water consumption, which reduces costs. To find out more about LG’s full range of energy-efficient home appliances and ratings, please visit:

5. The best energy-efficient Fridge Freezer by energy class or type

The best type of Fridge Freezer for those looking for an energy efficient and sustainable home is LG’s Tall style of Fridge Freezers. In a range of colours and models, LG’s Tall style of Fridge Freezers are top rated energy efficient cooling units.

Energy Efficient Tall Fridge Freezers

 LG DoorCooling™ GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer
 LG DoorCooling™ GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer

This is the best option for those looking to create a smart and sustainable home. When designing a sustainable kitchen, you need to make sure you’re choosing energy efficient appliances to install. For example, the LG DoorCooling™ GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer has received an extremely rare ‘A’ rating in the new EU energy labelling system thanks to innovative eco technology, such as the Centum system in which the LG Inverter Linear Compressor creates less internal friction, which leads to better reliability and durability. It has a 20-year warranty following testing by the institute VDE, meaning you know you are getting your money’s worth. With a noise emission class rating of ‘B’, this model also has a Quiet Mark badge to let you know you can expect low noise pollution.

LG NatureFRESH™ GBB62PZGCC Fridge Freezer
LG NatureFRESH™ GBB62PZGCC Fridge Freezer

A great option for those who are also looking for a sustainable model but in a classic silver colour, the LG NatureFRESH™ GBB62PZGCC Fridge Freezer is ‘C’ energy-efficiency rated. The Fridge Freezer cools food evenly and quickly with LG’s DoorCooling+™ technology, effectively keeping food fresher for longer, no matter where it is stored in the unit. The model features a useful humidity adjustable drawer built into the fridge, designed specifically to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. The fridge also includes a bottom freezer, allowing all your cooling needs to be met in one unit. Additionally, you can enjoy a silent kitchen with the 10 Year Warranty of LG's Inverter Linear Compressor™, which allows for a quiet and efficient operation.  

LG DoorCooling™ GBD62PZYFN Fridge Freezer, 384L
LG DoorCooling™ GBD62PZYFN Fridge Freezer, 384L

A final option for those looking to obtain an energy efficient home is the LG DoorCooling™ GBD62PZYFN Fridge Freezer. An industry competitive ‘D’ energy efficiency rating, the Fridge Freezer cools food evenly and quickly with LG’s DoorCooling+ ™ technology, effectively keeping food fresher for longer, no matter where it is stored in the unit.  The MetalFRESH™ design infuses practical style with a modern aesthetic, allowing for this Fridge Freezer to be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Thanks to LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor™, the Fridge Freezer additionally boasts significantly improved durability and dependability. Less susceptible to wear and tear from daily use, and up to 25% quieter compared to a standard compressor, this is a great option for those looking for a durable, quiet Fridge Freezer that is still very energy efficient.

In Summary

When looking to invest in your next Fridge Freezer, LG’s range of energy efficient Fridge Freezer models has a unit on offer that meet a range of household needs. To explore the full range of energy efficient Fridge Freezer models or to order yours today please visit our website here.

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What is the point of a Door-in-Door™ refrigerator?

LG’s Door-in-Door™ system provides instant access to everyday essentials without opening the whole Fridge door. Store well-used drinks and snacks like milk, juice, butter, fruit and yoghurts in the easy-reach compartment, designed to minimise cool air loss and thus reduce energy usage in your smart tech LG Fridge.

How do I find out the energy efficiency rating of my Fridge Freezer?

The LG website provides a full breakdown of the energy efficiency ratings of each of our Fridge Freezer models. The website offers the product sheet breakdown with the current energy efficiency rating as well as the total lifetime energy saving cost. For more information on specific models head to our website here.