LG’s strategy for the future: Enabling consumers to be more eco-conscious



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  • Understand how LG is proactively making changes to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and encourage responsible living

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Companies are promoting responsible practices due to the impact of climate change. A study by SmartestEnergy found that customers prefer brands with a positive approach to environmental responsibility.1 LG has taken several positive steps to give customers more control. This article explores how LG is developing innovative, responsible products and empowering consumers to make responsible choices.

LG’s responsible revolution

One of the most important factors for LG was to consider what exactly is responsible living. It then had to work out how it could reduce the use of Earth’s natural and precious resources. This led to LG’s investment in renewable energy, carbon reduction, and enhanced recycling to work towards creating a world that protects life for generations to come.2 We are also innovating our technologies that make living responsibly even easier as we remain committed to promoting responsible choices/living.2

LG's cutting-edge innovations driving responsible living

LG's cutting-edge innovations driving responsible living

One of the biggest concerns with new technology is that as it becomes more powerful it inevitably requires more energy. However, LG is always looking at ways to make its products more energy-efficient, especially ones that are used for extended periods.


That is why LG has added an Inverter Linear Compressor to many of its new refrigerators as this groundbreaking piece of technology consumes 32% less energy compared to conventional compressor refrigerators.3 Similarly, the introduction of InstaView™ technology allows you to check out the contents of your fridge without opening the door, thus preventing cold air loss, keeping temperatures stable, and saving energy.4


The  LG TurboWash™ 360 Washing Machine is also one of the most efficient washing machines on the market thanks to some innovative tech. Fitted with a new generation Direct Drive Motor, it uses AI technology to optimise washing cycles based on fabric type and volume. This not only increases performance but also extends the fabric protection of your garments by 10% with the use of AI in this smart washing machine, keeping your clothes looking fresh for longer and requiring fewer washes for more mindful living.5

Empowering choices

Thanks to the commitment to making various products more energy-efficient and to reduce emissions throughout the life cycle of products, with the example of refrigerator model K410MC19E which had a 2kg reduction in comparison with the previous model. LG aims to make it easier for consumers to make responsible decisions when purchasing new electronics.

Putting the power in the hands of consumers

One of the many ways that LG aims to make responsible living a choice rather than a compromise is by reducing material usage or choosing renewable or recycled materials in a range of products.6

Putting the power in the hands of consumers

As an example, the LG OLED evo series offers lighter and more durable TVs that use only 40% of the plastic that is used in LCD TVs of the same screen size.8 This resulted in a 20,000-ton reduction yearly. Equally impressive, LG Soundbars contain parts fabricated from recycled plastic resin and feature polyester jersey fabric made from recycled material.9

LG has also partnered with recycling firms across Europe so that customers can arrange for unwanted electrical items to be collected and then recycled. This take-back and recycling scheme is not only offered for electronics but is also available for packaging and batteries.10

Responsible urban living with LG

Cities worldwide are promoting responsibility through green spaces, bike usage, and solar panel installation, while LG offers innovative living home solutions..

The emergence of smart technology

The emergence of smart technology

Being more responsible when it comes to your energy usage has become easier than ever thanks to the introduction of LG’s smart home platform, LG ThinQ™. The app allows users to seamlessly connect all household appliances and even monitor energy storage and consumption in real time.11


The app learns from user usage of appliances, reducing power usage during night-time hours and enabling remote monitoring. It also allows setting food expiration dates, alerting users when products are nearing expiration, if followed correctly by the user this reduces waste and ensures good food isn't wasted.


Taking things a step further, LG has launched four new upgradeable appliances: a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and air purifier, which offer increased value over time and potentially extend product lifespan, addressing e-waste issues.12

From concept to reality

LG is innovating ways to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources and is committed to influencing better living practices.2 From washing machines and dishwashers that feature water-saving technology to refrigerators that meet energy-saving standards, the work being done by LG during the design and manufacturing stage helps you to create a more mindful home.13

Ways to embrace a responsible lifestyle in the home

Ways to embrace a responsible lifestyle in the home

Let’s begin by looking at the issue of energy and water usage. This can be a big problem with washing machines but thanks to LG washers featuring an Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™, an optimal wash cycle can be automatically detached by the weight and fabric softness of clothing.5 TurboWash™ 360 is another useful piece of technology that sprays water in four different directions simultaneously, resulting in shorter cycle lengths and less water usage without any sacrifice to washing performance.


Excessive water usage can also be a problem in dishwashers but thanks to LG’s QuadWash™ technology, a multi-motion spray arm can rotate back and forth to separate food and oil from dishware, delivering a sparkling clean by using a fraction of the water.14


When it comes to saving energy usage, the LG InstaView™ refrigerator uses 32% less energy compared to other fridges15 and can keep food fresh for longer thanks to there being 41% less cold air loss.16 Furthermore, all TVs have an eco-mode which is designed to limit power consumption, while in some LG air conditioners, you will find an energy control feature that helps to improve the unit's energy consumption and lower energy costs.

All of these features, when utilised, make it easier than ever before for consumers to embrace a more responsible lifestyle within the home with the help of LG.


From the design and manufacturing stage right through to an appliance’s use and ultimately its disposal, LG is always thinking of ways to be more responsible. Thanks to these groundbreaking measures and initiatives, it is easier for consumers to make responsible choices as part of their everyday lives.

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