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Automatic Volume Leveler (Smart TV 2014)

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Automatic Volume Leveler (Smart)



Smart  è Setting è Sound è Smart Sound Setting




Automatic volume leveler


  - When turned “On”, the automatic volume control maintains the sound output within a reasonable

range never getting too loud or too soft and this for each channel, between channels and through

commercial breaks for viewers to comfortably enjoy the sound out of their flat panel display television.


Feature can only be enabled if and when TV broadcast reception is handled through the

television’s tuner and not through an external device such as a cable/satellite set-top-box




Dynamic Range Compression setting


  - The Dynamic Range Compression operates in the same manner as the Automatic Volume Leveler

but as opposed to supporting TV channels’ volume inconsistencies it addresses same issue with other

connected external peripheral devices promoting a more adequate volume for day and night. This is a

particularly great feature come night time to avoid waking up the children.




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