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Smart IPTV – Priced App termination

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Smart IPTV priced app (through LG billing) was discontinued on March 26, 2016.

(cf. Previously, Smart IPTV priced app and free app services were made available in the LG App Store at the same time using the same name. They originate from the same service provider and after discontinuation of the priced app users will only be able to download the free app).

Reason for discontinuation:

Smart IPTV priced app was taken down early as it uses the LG billing services and LG billing services will be discontinuing in late June, 2016.

(Currently, Smart IPTV free app uses third party billing systems provided by the service vendor.)

Customer voicing or expressing concerns over Service discontinuation:

After service discontinuation of Smart IPTV priced app, customers won’t be able to reinstall that app once it is deleted. (Customers can continue using the app as long as it is installed.)

In other words, existing Smart IPTV priced app service users will have download issues if and when they try to re-download the priced app.


Q) I cannot re-install the Smart IPTV paid app that I purchased previously.

A) We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Previously, Smart IPTV priced app and free app (In-App Purchase) services were present in the App Store at the same time but Smart IPTV Paid app (through LG billing) was removed as of March 26, 2016.

Although there are differences between devices and countries, should customer wish to use the service, they can install the free app and use its “In-App Purchase” services that are currently available.

For previously purchased priced app, it will be refunded through the refund website when that website launches after July this year but reimbursement only honored so long as App payment was made less than a year ago.

Customers can apply for refunds through the upcoming refund website.

Detailed CIC guidelines regarding LG billing services discontinuation and the upcoming refund website will be released mid-June.

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