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Error Codes - Refrigerator

Error Codes - Refrigerator

Error codes are signals from your unit that it needs your attention, it display as letters and are found on digital control panels. The error may display differently on some units depending on the model. The most common errors will appear starting with either "ER", "E" or "r". SOME ERROR CODES FOR EXAMPLE: CH E / E CH / CL E / E CL are found HERE.

Depending on the model of your unit, your error code may Start or End with one of the following variations.

  1. Error
  2. e
  3. r

Select the corresponding error code below:

  1. OFF Error Code
  2. IS Error Code
  3. 22 Error Code
  4. 67 Error Code
  5. CF Error Code
  6. CO Error Code
  7. DH Error Code
  8. DS Error Code
  9. FF Error Code
  10. FS Error Code
  11. GF Error Code
  12. HS Error Code
  13. IF Error Code
  14. 1IT Error Code
  15. rf Error Code
  16. rs Error Code
  17. rt Error Code
  18. ss Error Code
  19. ad Error Code
  20. dl Error Code
  21. as Error Code
  22. dr Error Code
  23. sb Error Code
  24. od Error Code

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A panel that shows both Refrigerator and Freezer temp with 7 buttons ranging from warm to cold a table describing the error from 1- 4. 1 in light means that a wire might have been cut. 4 means a snapping of the defrost