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Flow Sense WARNING! – d80 / d90 / d95 message

Multi/Single Split AC remote controller functions

Control Panel venting issue notifications which are Flow Sense, d80, d90 and d95


When a dryer takes longer than usual to dry, there is generally a reason causing such inconvenience. If the control panel shows any bar lit up in the Flow Sense warning indicator icon or displays either code: d80, d90 or d95 – there is an issue with poor venting exhaust causing the dryer to shut down to prevent it from overheating and becoming a fire hazard.

Check List

Should no such indication appear in the display panel window, starting with the obvious, customer should verify the following:

Has breaker tripped or fuse blown?

If new installation in new house, has contractor completed 220 volt AC connection?

If selecting Cotton/Normal cycle, has the Energy Saver mode been deactivated?

Could the load size be too small the dryer sensors cannot detect any moisture?

Is the lint filter cleaned before every new load?

(even though the dryer powers on, no heat could still be an electrical deficiency. Dryer heater operates at 220 volts 30 amps while the motor, control panel, lights and electronics all work at 110 volts 15 amps ).

Flow Sense Overview

80% of residential household fires in the United Stated of America start in the dryer. The cause of these fires is due to the exhaust venting duct being too long or so constricted and clogged with lint and moisture they prevent proper hot air exhaust from the dryer. Clothes dryer manufacturers have been mandated to feature safety devices to monitor heat surges and shut down machine immediately if detected in order to prevent any fire hazard.

The Flow Sense warning on your dryer is designed to help avoid reduced performance caused by restrictions from the household exhaust system and alerting of such problem in the system so that it may get fixed. The fix generally involved replacing the venting duct, shortening it or cleaning the inside as you would a chimney.

Dryer full control panel illustration

Dryer control panel LED display illustration

Moment sensors detect a sudden rise in temperature algorithms quickly establish the rate of exhaust blockage and proceeds to corrective measures (shutting down).

Chart breakdown of severity of clogged venting duct passed 80%, 90% and 95%

Drying clothes for too long at high heat will scorch the clothing. Fine example of this scorching is the lint collected in the filter trap. Despite catching the bulk of it, some lint will keep going following the moisture out the exhaust venting duct winding clogging the inner surface like plaque in arteries.

Have you ever packed a car tailpipe with snow as a kid then observe the car get started, choke, stall then stop running? Well a dryer whose venting exhaust pipe is clogged does exactly the same. A customer, uninterested by maintenance of the exhaust duct, might suggest making the dryer blower fan more powerful. We don’t want LG dryers to sound like some jet plane airliner in your basement.


Anytime Flow Sense indicator identifies blockage with or without error messages “d80, d90 or d95” displayed or vice versa, it is imperative to verify and clean the exhaust venting duct all the way to the damper outside. It might also be wise to verify the lint filter and clean it.

Before and after picture of the inside of a lint clogged venting duct then after being cleaned

Picture showing amount of lint removed from dryer venting duct covering the floor to show how much had been accumulated

If after having replaced, fix or cleaned the entire exhaust venting duct conduit through and through and the error message still persists, please contact LG Customer Call Centre at 1-888-542-2623 to book a service call.

Additional Information

Should the " d80" notification code persist on appearing in dryer display window panel after all aforementioned troubleshooting has been executed, for whatever odd reason, the dryer electronics might be oversensitive. If it is deemed the case, you can disable that option. Simply click on the link immediately below for the procedures.


More Installation Tips (NEWLY PURCHASED DRYER)

  1. Was the exhaust venting pipe cleaned prior to installing the dryer?

    With newly installed dryers, LG highly recommends getting your exhaust venting duct cleaned out. Even if your old dryer was working fine, LG dryers are built to detect vent blockage. This is a safety feature measure because vent blockage can prevent your dryer from properly drying and even cause some serious bodily injuries, clothes scorching or fire hazard.

    Lint build-up in exhaust venting pipe

  2. Inspect for damage, kinked or crushed vent

    A crushed or damaged exhaust venting duct will also cause air blockage. If possible, check every section of your exhaust venting duct to ensure it is not crushed, kinked or damaged.

    Crushed or kinked venting pipe

  3. Make sure the vents are installed according to the owner manual's recommendations.

    When the ductwork is too long or has too many bends, blockage can occur, and whatever the blockage, it will be hard to trace. For proper installation, read Installation content in owner’s manual and install the venting duct according to the recommendations.

    Improper ductwork

    Too may bends and conduit way too long

  4. Check whether wall vent end cap not closed or blocked with a cover.

    In the case of a new house, wall vent end cap covers are sometime closed or clogged. After operating the dryer, check if the air is exhausted through the vent outside the house. If there is no exhaust, please contact the builder and have them correct the exhaust venting duct system.

    Closed exhaust venting conduit house end cover

Other potential issue

  1. Check whether lint filter could be clogged with lint.

    If the dryer filter is clogged with lint, the appliance will detect some air blockage. To clean, pull the lint filter straight up and roll any lint off the filter with your fingers. Push the lint filter firmly back into place. Always make sure the lint filter is clean before starting a new load.

    Dryer lint filter lovation

  2. Check for lint buildup at the end of the vent.

    Check for lint buildup at the rear exhaust vent and internal wall venting exit point. If you need the service of a professional technician, contact a local vent cleaning company to clean the vent.

    Lint build-up in exhaust venting conduit

  3. Have you recently pushed or relocated the dryer?

    The actual exhaust venting conduit may have been broken or kinked when the dryer was being recently pushed or repositioned. Make sure there is no breakage or kinks in the exhaust venting conduit.

  4. Crushed exhaust venting pipe

warning Warning

Constricted exhaust duct vents can build up, preventing proper air flow evacuation, and cause your dryer to become a fire hazard.

Lint buildup, compounded from moisture, is perhaps the most common and dangerous safety hazard associated with dryer vents.

Dryer venting duct will inevitably restrict air flow as lint from your clothing sticks to the inner conduit panel. Lint is highly flammable. Congesting the air duct, it reduces the efficiency of the dryer vent. The dryer can overheat, causing sparks which risks potentially lighting the lint on fire. It is very important to inspect the dryer vent for any blockage on a regular basis (every few months or more often pending amount of cotton textile being dried up).

House fires caused by dryers are far more common than we think. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Agency: Fires caused by dryers in 2005 were responsible for approximately 13,775 house fires, 418 injuries, 15 deaths, and $196 million in property damage. Most of these incidents occur in residences and are the result of improper lint cleanup and maintenance.

Alarming statistics which prompted legislation for dryer manufacturers to feature heat sensor and cut-off mechanism.

If your LG dryer control panel window displays notification code d90 or d95, please get the dryer venting duct inspected.