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LG TWINWash™ allows you to wash two loads at once to help you save time and optimize your daily schedule.
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LG® studied how laundry was done around the world. Laundry users reveal that although their latest washing machines have surpassed their predecessors in performance and convenience, doing the laundry has still remained a difficult routine for most users.
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The increased prevalence of specialized clothing and variation in fabrics and textures has led to a greater need for separate wash cycles. This has only increased the time users spend doing laundry and has made the task more stressful.
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LG® began to explore the possibility of laundry innovation that allows for separate yet simultaneous wash cycles, so you can wash two loads of laundry at the same time.
LG® opted for a design that included the addition of a pedestal washer below the conventional front-load laundry machine.
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Aiming to maximize usability and ease-of-installation, LG® began working on a compact yet effective washing machine. This design overhaul led to the development of a pedestal washing machine that was completed with the LG® Direct Drive motor.
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LG® TWINWash™ is designed with an advanced shock-absorbing suspension system to combat the output of excessive noise and vibration, while complementing the proprietary Direct Drive motor.
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LG® TWINWash™ maximizes user satisfaction by combining the best of LG's know-how experience in laundry technology with the insights gained through user feedback. The innovation found within LG TWINWash™ is centred around user needs to make it easier to do laundry.