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A Family Approach to<br>Fabric Care1 A Family Approach to<br>Fabric Care2

A Family Approach to
Fabric Care

LG TWINWash™ allows you to wash two loads at once.
  • Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_2_Underwear_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_2_Underwear_M

    Separate Soiled Fabrics

    Separate undergarments from a muddy sporting jersey for optimal cleaning performance.
  • Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_3_Baby_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_3_Baby_M

    Protect Delicate Baby Clothes

    Wash baby clothing with baby detergent at the same time as washing regular clothing with regular detergent.
  • Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_4_Towel_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_4_Towel_M

    Reduce Dust and Lint Transfer

    Separate your towel wash load from your regular clothing wash load to reduce the transfer of dust and lint fibres between fabrics.
Colour Care1 Colour Care2

Colour Care

Keep your white clothing white. LG TWINWash™ allows you to wash two loads at once. Wash your white clothing and your coloured clothing separately, at the same time.
  • Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_03_2_ColorCare_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_03_2_ColorCare_M

    Keep Colours Bright and White.

    Wash two loads at once with two different detergents with LG TWINWash™.
Fabric Care1 Fabric Care2

Fabric Care

LG® TWINWash™ is versatile; most of the wash cycles available in the main washer are available in the pedestal washer.
Energy Care1 Energy Care2

Energy Care

The Pedestal Washer is perfect and efficient for those small-sized laundry loads.

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