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1. Is it mandatory to create a LG Account to order something from the website?

No, it is not mandatory to have an account if you want to browse the website and place an order. If you place an order as a guest without using an account, it is important that you have a valid email address and mobile number as you will be asked to enter it during the purchase process. We use this to send you details about your order, such as your order confirmation (which contains your order number and if applicable, tracking number) and updates on the progress of your order, such as shipping and delivery notification. Please do not delete this information as it is needed to perform any action related to your order.

We recommend that you register an account for the benefits mentioned in the next answer.

2. What is the benefit of creating LG Account?

Having an account can make the experience more convenient for you, as it allows you to:

  • Receive regular updates from us
  • Receive exclusive offers and special perks
  • Easily track your order
  • Easily register your products
  • Store certain details such as your preferred delivery address for easier and faster checkouts
  • Get dedicated customer support
3. Can I Update my LG Accounts Details /Information?

Yes, you can manage your account and other personal information by taking the following steps at any time:

  1. Step 1. Log in to your account by visiting
  2. Step 2. Select 'my account'
  3. Step 3. Select 'profile' and click "Update your personal details'


4. How do I place an order?

Shopping at is easy and secure. Placing an online order requires just a few steps:

  • Select an item you would like to purchase, and then click the Buy Now button from either the quick view or product detail page.
  • You can then choose to continue shopping which would allow you to browse and add more products, or you can go directly to Checkout.
  • If you choose to continue shopping, when you have finished browsing and adding products to your Shopping Cart, please click on the Shopping Cart at the top right corner of page, and follow the Checkout steps.
  • During the Checkout process, you will be asked for the delivery address and payment details. At present we are only accepting prepaid orders.
  • An email will be sent to your email address containing confirmation of receipt of your order and an order number.
5. What should I do if I’m having trouble placing an order?

If you are facing any technical difficulties with the website, please call us toll-free at 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999 or contact us via email through or WhatsApp at 9711709999.

6. How quickly will my order be processed?

You can check the estimated delivery time for each product by entering your pin code on the Product Page. Please note that on occasion, such as during holiday rush, large sale events, or other events outside our control, there may be a slight delay in the processing time. We value the trust you place in us, and we make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible.

7. How can I track the status of my order?

You order can be tracked by visiting your account, or by clicking on the link sent to you through email or message. Your order status may show one of the following:

  1. Order placed - Place Order
  2. Order packed - Preparing for Delivery
  3. Order shipped - Picking for Delivery
  4. Order out for Delivery - On Delivery
  5. Order delivered - Delivery Completed (Invoiced)

When your order has been shipped, we will send a shipping notification to you containing shipment tracking number. You can track your shipment through the delivery service by using these tracking details.

8. How do I cancel an order?

You can easily cancel your order anytime until the invoice is generated by using our online order search in the My Account section. Once your invoice has been generated, your order cannot be cancelled. If your order is eligible for cancellation, a cancel button will be available, click this button to cancel your order.


9. How do I pay for my order?

We only accept online payments made at the time of placing your order. You can pay for your orders via all Major Debit and Credit Cards, EMI, Net Banking, Wallet Payment, UPI or other available payment modes. Your payment information is encrypted and stored safely and securely by the Payment Gateway provider.

10. Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

No, we currently do not offer Cash on Delivery for payment of your orders. You can pay for your orders using any supported online payment method during the checkout process.

11. Are there any Hidden Charges for purchases on LG India?

No, we do not have any hidden charges when you make a purchase on this website. Your total order amount will be displayed at the time of payment and before your order is placed. We will not charge you any amount in excess of what is reflected on the invoice.

12. Does LG India store my Credit / Debit card information or my Net banking account information?

No, LG India does not collect or store your credit / debit card information or your net banking account information. When you choose to an online payment option, you will re-directed to our payment gateway partner Pinelabs for processing your payment. Your card / account information is securely processed by Pinelabs and the corresponding banks, without any sensitive information passing back to us. We only receive limited information that is necessary to verify whether the payment for your order was successful.

13. Who will approve my EMI transaction?

EMI facility is provided by your issuing bank at its sole discretion. The issuing bank may modify the terms of the EMI offering at any time. Further, the issuing bank may at its sole discretion chose to reject or change EMI tenure or withdraw EMI scheme completely.

14. What happens if the Bank rejects EMI?

If your EMI application is rejected by the issuing bank, you will be liable to pay the full amount of the order to LG India.

LG India is not involved in the process of approval or rejection of EMI. EMI is provided by your issuing bank at its sole discretion. If your bank refuses to provide the EMI facility, your only option is to attempt to resolve the issue with your bank. Unfortunately, LG India cannot help you resolve any such problem with your bank.

15. My payment has failed. What can I do?

Your payment transaction may fail for reasons such as submission of incorrect payment details or exceeding your transaction limit. Most failures are recorded based responses sent by your bank. Since the payment is handled by your bank and a payment gateway partner, we receive only limited information regarding the payment failure.

If you have been charged for your failed transaction, please wait at least 48 hours for an automatic refund or contact your bank.


16. How do I find a product online that I saw in a store?

At LG India, we have created detailed descriptions of every product on the website. You may use our Search feature to find a product by keyword or model number. If a product cannot be found by searching for it, please reach out to our customer support.

17. How often are new products added to the online store?

We add products to our online store frequently, and offer new sales and promotions, as well, so check back often for new products and great offers.

18. Does LG India provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and extended warranty on its products?

Yes, LG India provides AMC on its products and extended Warranty from time-to-time. For more information, please contact our customer care as provided below.

19. How can I contact the customer care?

You can contact our customer care by calling on 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999 or contact us via email through or through WhatsApp at 9711709999

Our customer care is only available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Customer care is not available on weekends and public holidays.


20. How I do return or exchange a product?

Currently we accept returns of products only if they are certified as Dead on Arrival (‘DOA’) by our Authorized service representative. The Process for initiating a return shall be as follows:

  1. If your Order has any performance issues, please contact our Customer Care and inform about the issue. The Service representative shall visit You and analyze the product. Once the product has been certified as DOA by our representative on its discretion, he will seal the product along with all its accessories in the original packaging box and will direct you to return the device to the Us. Please ensure the DOA seal is not tampered with when returning the product.
  2. A request will be initiated by you to arrange for pickup of the product by calling our Customer Care. Before accepting a return our logistics partner will ask you to share a copy/image of the DOA Sealed product and the DOA Certificate.


21. Who is your delivery partner?

We partner with Delhivery Private Limited for the delivery of our products.

22. Can I have my order redirected to another address if my order has already been shipped?

Unfortunately, once your order ships it must go to the address provided at the time you place your order. If you cannot receive or pick up your order after three attempts, our delivery partner will return your order to us. After its return to us, the order will be auto cancelled. If the order was prepaid, we will initiate a refund after deducting the shipping fee from the amount paid by you.

23. Can I request a specific date or time slot for my delivery?

We are unable to take such requests at the moment.

24. Are In-Transit products insured?

All In-transit items are insured. If you feel item is damaged on opening, we would request you to not accept the item or report back to us immediately by contacting LG Customer Service

25. Why do you require a signature to receive a package?

Most of our shipments contain valuable equipment and we like to ensure that our customers receive their products safely. If you will not be at the shipping address to accept delivery of your product, consider shipping item to an address where you or someone you trust will be available to sign for your package.

26. What happen if no one is available to sign for my order at the address registered with order?

Most of our carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. After three delivery attempts, our delivery partner will return your order to us and the order will be auto cancelled. If the order was prepaid, we will initiate a refund after deducting the shipping fee from the amount paid by you.

27. Whom should I contact if my shipment arrived later than expected?

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We do everything we can to ensure your experience at makes your life just a little easier, and your satisfaction is important to us. In rare cases there may be a slight delay in transit due to events beyond control of our logistic partners. We attempt to keep our customers informed of Estimated Delivery Timelines in such cases.

28. What should I do if my shipment is lost?

If the package tracking details have not changed in a few days, we request you to wait until the estimated delivery date as it could be a tracking error. If you do not receive your order by the delivery date, the package tracking details have not changed, and you have not received any email or message from us to inform you about a delay in the delivery of your package, please contact us and we will take steps to ensure that you receive your order soon.

In case the shipment cannot be found, we will either ship the missing product again, or cancel your order and issue a refund.

29. What can I do if the package was delivered to the wrong address?

If your order status or the package tracking details show that the product has been delivered but you have not received it, please check whether anyone else may have received it, such as another person in your home or office. In some instances, delivery persons are not allowed to enter a building or office to delivery the product directly to you. Please check whether the reception desk at your office, or the security gate at your building / colony / office may have received the delivery.

If the order has not been delivered to your address, please contact our delivery partners or LG India customer service to get help on such issues.

30. What should I do if my parcel arrives damaged?

Please refuse to accept if the parcel is damaged or accept after leaving specific remarks while signing for Delivery [Proof Of Delivery].

31. What should I do if my shipment is missing an item(s)?

It is possible your order was split into multiple shipments based on product availability, quantity, weight or size. In case of a shipment being split based on product availability, the missing items will be shipped when they are in stock. Your shipment confirmation will include a list of all products included in your shipment.

To track your order, please check your Order History.

If a product or an item has been mentioned in your shipment confirmation, but is missing from the shipment delivered to you, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery and we will check the status of your missing items.

32. Do you deliver to all Pin codes in India? How much time should I except for the delivery to be completed?

Currently we are running only on 9 cities and are serviceable in 700 pin codes only.. You can check whether delivery of any product is available for your location by providing your Pin code on the product page.

33. Can large appliances and bulky items be delivered anywhere in the accepted pin codes?

Large appliances or bulky Items are delivered to your doorstep. However, in case of delivery to higher floors where lifts cannot be used and staircases are too narrow, delivery will be provided on the ground floor of your premises.

34. How is the Delivery time calculated?

Estimated delivery time depends on the following factors:

  1. Product(s) selected
  2. The destination pin-code to which you want the order to be shipped to.
  3. Warehouse Location

Delivery time is calculated based on historical data of delivery timelines for orders to the pin-code entered by you. Delivery timelines might vary in a few cases depending on the factors mentioned above, or factors outside our control or the control of our delivery partner.

Please note that LG India is not liable for any shipping delays, or loss of any kind resulting from unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, such as if you are unavailable or un-contactable; incorrectly addressed orders; weather conditions, and so on. We will try our best to notify customers of the delay and estimated delivery date in such situations.