Beauty with brains is an exception and if it performs amazingly, it becomes one of the most desired belonging in the planet. It functions marvellously, flaunts its beauty majestically whatever be the situation. It can inverse a worst situation into a most favourable one without the slightest grudge.

Well, we are talking about the LG Direct Cool refrigerators. It has been beautifully designed with a purpose to make the environment lively like a piece of art that gracefully beautifies it surroundings. It makes every member of the household proud as they introduce it to every of their guests or at times, even shift it to their dining space. Beautifully designed in floral, textures and colours, the LG Direct Cool refrigerators come in a complete range to suit everyone’s taste and purpose.

LG Direct Cool Refrigerators

Let us now see the functions of this beauty. The Direct Cool refrigerator upholds the very purpose of its existence no matter what. Hence, even if the power is gone for a long break, it continues to cool the refrigerator for hours. But how does it do so? The power cut gives way to the cooling gel, attached to the freezer section, gradually changes to liquid state by absorbing heat & giving out cooling inside the refrigerator. This preserves the goodness of food for hours.

Amazingly indeed, the Power Cut EverCool technology keeps food fresh and hygiene for nine hours. The vegetables and fruits remain crisp so that you get all nutritional values, and the cooked curries taste as the original delicious dish you’ve prepared from the chef’s recipe.

Another interesting facet of LG Direct Cool refrigerators is its fastest ice making process. The refrigerator can make ice 20% faster with specially designed patented ice tray. So you can invite your guest anytime to serve a chilled drink or can yourself savour a fresh lime soda on ice.

Isn’t it a wonderful innovation for the human race, where the worries of your food getting spoiled are solved with EverCool technology? These are just a few reasons why most of the household prefer an LG refrigerator to keep their food fresh and hygiene. Bring it home and you will not only experience its amazing functional technology in total, but it will also revive your living spaces.

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