On its 17th anniversary of Trusted Brand Survey, Reader’s Digest brought out LG excelling as a Trusted Brand Leader in the Refrigerators category. LG houses a wide-range of refrigerators that includes the Single Door Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerators and Stylish Door in Door TM range of Refrigerators with all advanced and Innovative features meeting and easing consumer needs, thus getting the better of key competitors.

Supported by consumers trust LG Refrigerators emerged No. 1 brand in refrigerator category in the Trusted Brand Survey, 2015 by Reader’s Digest. The survey covered three medium – Postal, On-line and Telephonic – sum up of 5,810 respondents from an age group from or below 18-65 or above and Income group from or below 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs or above.

Likewise the brand voyage into a consumer responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight. Quite obvious… isn’t it? Simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies doesn’t make it happen.

It takes years… efforts … to identify a vision that your consumers will find credible and aligned with their values. The brand excels with its quality products, outreach, services and more key elements matching with its consumer needs and technological trend. The brand evaluation with its competitors then starts determining the nature, value, potentiality, extent, and importance of the products and services.

The survey report witnessed that LG refrigerators in its category is having a strong image with quality, excellent value and understanding consumer need. It also proved to be socially responsible having an outreach in consumer segmentation with economy to superior quality products.

LG refrigerators brought in exciting designs to compliment with Style and Technology. It introduced the distinct, stylish range of Smart Inverter 2.0 refrigerators that simply connects the refrigerator with your home inverter to run it automatically on Smart Connect Mode during power cuts. It saves energy up to 36% and consumes power less than 2 CFL bulbs during power cuts.

So where’s the confusion? Bring home today the No. 1 brand, LG refrigerators… and let live a cool life Ever On!

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