What Makes a Water Purifier a Must Have in 2022?

What Makes a Water Purifier a Must Have in 2022?


Since we are living in a hyper-aware world, people go out of their way to refine their daily lifestyle, which includes eating habits, sleep cycles, body fitness, and more. So, how do people bring in the change to lead a healthier life? Before anything else, they need to make smarter decisions. In this blog, we will highlight the importance of investing in a high-quality water purifier.



Even though most people understand the fundamentals of water purifiers, let's delve into their basic operating principle to get a better insight. Below we have briefly mentioned the filtration types of a water purifier for home:

•  Pre Carbon & Sediment Filter

•  Ultra Filtration (UF)

•  RO Membrane

•  Post Carbon Filter

•  Ultra Violet (UV) LED

•  Minerals Addition

At LG, we have a diversified portfolio of home RO water purifiers that are enigmatically designed to complement your interior while offering a wide range of health benefits. Here are some of the many advantages of purchasing LG's best water purifiers for home:


•  Dual protection airtight stainless steel tank

•  Digital sterilizing care

•  In Tank UV LED

•  100% RO Purified Water

•  Zero water wastage

•  Easy installation with smart display

•  Enhanced RO with exceptional water recovery

•  Additional health benefits with mineral booster feature


Select the Right Water Purifier for Home


While purchasing domestic or home appliances, most people do not have an in-depth understanding of the product. In the majority of scenarios, customers are looped in by the companies and salespeople to invest in appliances that cut them a good slice of profit. Therefore, we have provided you with a brief yet detailed insight into different types of water purifiers for home:

1. Ultra-Filtration + Ultra Violet Water Purifier

This type of water purifier utilizes hollow fibres made of a special kind of material to separate water from all the other particles present in the water. However, it can only block huge particles, which makes them a little less effective than RO purifiers.  The water is stored in an STS tank where the in-tank UV treats the stored water and eliminates all the disease-causing pathogens, cysts, and micro-organisms that make water healthy and fit for drinking.


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2. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier



This water purifier for home successfully removes metal particles like lead, sulphate, nitrate, fluoride, arsenic, and more. RO water purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane to purify and cleanse water. But how does this purifier remove the metal particles?

The installed water pump in this filter forces the raw water to drive through the RO membrane that filters all the metal particles. Home RO water purifiers work best for water with very high TDS levels; hence, they work well on sources like municipal water, bore well, tap water, etc.


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3. Activated Carbon Water Purifier

This purifier works best for heavy metals and disease-causing pesticides. In addition, it is also used to remove chlorine from water. Combined with small pieces of carbon, it significantly improves RO membrane life while improving the smell and taste of water.


Explore our website today and take a look at our diversified range of water purifiers for home. We understand our customers’ needs and requirements and that is why we have priced all our products and appliances at affordable rates. Get in touch with us to know more about our exceptionally designed electronic appliances like monitors, air conditions (ACs), refrigerators, and more.