Wish to Get that Cinema-Like Experience at Home? Here's Why the New LG OLED TV Should be Your First Choice

Wish to Get that Cinema-Like Experience at Home? Here's Why the New LG OLED TV Should be Your First Choice


For a long time, we had to go all the way to movie theatres to get the best cinema experience. However, with the evolving and ever-growing technology and the advent of HD and 4k resolution features, now your own tv can help you transform your house into a room that captures the theatre feels. 

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Today, while watching tv, we expect to effortlessly enter into the world of action, drama, horror, comedy and romance. This is what the new LG OLED TV brings to the table.

If you believed that UHD  television was the ultimate step in technological advancement, let us clear the misconception. Organic Light-Emitting Diode television, popularly known as OLED TV, is in the making to become the most popular option worldwide.

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Features of an OLED TV

1. Enhanced and Brighter Picture Quality for a Cinematic View

1.	Enhanced and Brighter Picture Quality for a Cinematic View

Unlike traditional televisions, every pixel in OLED TV emits its own self-illuminating light. Moreover, now you can see the difference that perfect blacks make. Self-lit pixels turn themselves on and off without the help of a backlight. This leads to the dark areas stay dark and bright are significantly light.


2. Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail


Another important feature of OLED TV is Dolby Vision IQ with precision details, which would make the scenes come alive before your eyes. Wondering how? It uses light sensors to enhance the picture in response to the brightness levels of your surroundings. Thanks to Dolby Vision, which is refined with a9 Gen 5 AI processor, all hard-to-spot details are revealed even in a well-lit room. So much so that the images burst into life with utmost clarity.


3. Best Sound Quality

Best Sound Quality

Don’t we all love cinemas for their great sound systems. Hearing a whisper in your ear, or a roar from the back of your seat makes you feel that you are a part of the movie setting. But what if we tell you that you can get this amazing experience sitting right at your home with an OLED TVs? Yes, you read it right, the new Dolby Atmos provides an immersive sound from all around. Moreover, the α9 Gen 5 AI Processor up-mixes 2-channe audio into virtual 7.1.2 channel sound. Now simply feel the action around you just like you are the main character of some movie.


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4. Efficient and Eco-Friendly


Efficient and Eco-Friendly


Since the pixels of an OLED TV display can switch off completely, they only have to use energy to emit light when it is absolutely necessary. Using less energy  makes OLED TVs more environmentally friendly.


Kinder to the environment, these OLED TVs use recycled plastics and that too where it is needed the most. Even the TV is packed in a recyclable cardboard box along with the remote  placed in a bag made of bio-based materials.


5. Unmatched Response Time


If you are a gaming enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy playing games on an OLED TV. This is because of the fast pixel response rates. In simple terms, response time is the time a pixel takes to switch from one color to another. The OLED TV displays have an average pixel response time of 0.1 ms. 


6. Ultra-Thin, Light, and Flexible

Ultra-Thin, Light, and Flexible

The days of owning big TVs are long gone with the introduction of the new OLED TV, which has raised the standards to the next level. In today's time, you can buy an OLED TV that is ultra-thin, lightweight, and flexible.


7. Economical


When OLED TVs were initially introduced in the market, they were quite expensive. However, with the advancement in technology , they have become pocket friendly.


If you want to buy an affordable  OLED TV, which is also highly efficient, LG offers a wide range. Buy a masterpiece for your home for a fascinating cinema-like experience. With one of a kind LG OLED TV, step into the world of innovation.