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Settings_Video_Video Mode_Additional Setting (Smart)



Smart  è Setting è Video è Video mode è Additional Setting


Detailed setting for video.



Remove noise

  - Remove noise in the image.


Remove MPEG noise

  - Remove noise created when making digital video signal.


Black label

  - Using  the darkness (black label) of screen, revise the  brightness and contrast of screen to have the appropriate

     black label.


Real cinema

  - Maintain the best quality of screen when watching a movie.


Dazzle prevention

  - [Applicable for a certain model] Adjust the brightness of screen to prevent dazzle.


Video dazzle prevention

  - [Applicable for a certain model] Reduce power consumption by adjusting the brightness according to the movement

     of screen. Does not work in 3D video.


Setting can be changed depending on the input signal, video mode and etc.





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