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Settings_Time_Time Setting (Smart)
Sleeping Mode

Smart  èSetting è Time è Sleeping mode


Automatically turns off  the TV after certain time.

To cancel Sleeping mode, select turn Off.



Present Time Setting


Smart  è Setting è Time è Present time


Can check and change the hours of watching TV.


Automatic setting

  - TV time is automatically set as digital time provided by broadcasting station.


Manual setting

  - If the present time, which has been  automatically set, is incorrect, user can manually change the date and time.



TV turns Off or On automatically


Smart  è Setting è Time è On time/Off time


Can set the time of turning TV On time/Off time.


Select Off if you do not want to do setting On time/Off time.

To use On time/Off time, correctly set the present time.
Even if the On time function is on, the TV will turn off automatically in 120minutes when no button is
pushed during that time. Please off the Off time function if you do not want off automatically.     
Though TV is set to be On, it will be automatically turned Off if any button is not pressed for 120 minutes.


Set Automatic Off function in the "Off" position if you do not want it to be automatically turned off.





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