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[洗衣機] 故障代碼: IE-1

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IE Error 1




 ① Check if water tap valve is turned on.

 Otherwise, water is not supplied to washing machine.
 This error code occurs
when desired water level does not reach within 8 minutes.

 ② If water supply
hose of washing machine is incorrectly connected to connecting part of hose,

 water will not be properly supplied to the product. This can interrupt the flow of water.

 After closing water valve, pull out water supply hose, and re connect it.
 When you connect it, align screws well
and close it completely.


 ① Turn the water tap to the maximum level.


 ② Check if cold and hot water tap are switched.
      (Color on the tap
can be different from the common tap color.)

 Connect water supply hose in the back of WM.

 ③ Connect hose to water supply valve and completely close it. Turn the water tap to see if water leaks.

[Water supply part of water tap]





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