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Cleaning Agitator



 Although the antibacterial agitator restrains precipitation of virus, mold or bacteria in the air can be

 attached on the fur, if it's used under the following condition for a long time.

  - Installed in humid and shady area.

  - No maintenance of washing machine for a long time.

  - Excessive use of detergent or fabric softener.

How to clean drum

  - Pour bleach (lax) 54ml (50 ml or 1/3 filled of a paper cup) to detergent chamber. Then start tub sterilization

    (Run boiling course for a model without tub sterilization course. Directly pour detergent to agitator.)

  - Cleaning power of oxygenic bleach is not vey good. Use chloric  bleach.

How to sterilize tub
  - Tub sterilization course is designed to clean an agitator.
  - In order to eliminate
dirt inside agitator, always maintain agitator clean, and regularly run tub sterilization






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