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[洗衣機]沒有進水 - 進水濾網清洗

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No Water Inlet - Inlet Filter Cleaning



 1st : Error can occur if water pressure is low. Check water pressure.
nd : Filter in the connecting area of water supply hose eliminated precipitations in the hard water.

           When the filter is blocked, it will intervene with water supply. Close the water, disconnect the hose from

           washing machine and clean the filter before use.

How to clean filter
Close the tap and unplug the power cord.
 ② Disconnect the water supply hose by rotating counter-clockwise and remove filter.


[Separate filter using long nose plier]


[Rust on filter]


 ③ Clean the debris on filter with flowing water and brush and put back in.


[Clean with brush and assemble.]


※ Note : "IE“ error occurs when the water does not reach level within 8 minutes from the water supply started.





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