VRF Annual Maintenance

VRF Annual Maintenance - Optimise Multi V and Save Energy with Regular Maintenance

LG's Efficient VRF Maintenance Package

Basic package includes inspection, cleaning, and replacement service. Premium package includes inspection, cleaning, replacement, and BECON cloud service. And energy management package includes BECON cloud and energy management service (Package configuration varies by country and can be customised according to customer's request).

VRF Maintenance Package

Inspection - Specialised Inspection Service for Customers

An expert performs an inspection that checks faults in components and performance abnormalities in your HVAC. Catching these problems early prevents further damage to the unit and unnecessary operating expenses through replacement and repair by early recognition of failures and abnormalities. Prepare for the heating, cooling season and select appropriate service.

Trustworthy Service

Long-lasting equipment can be renewed to extend the life time of your equipment, make indoor environment look fresher, and improve air quality.


Instrument / LGMV inspection.


Monthly, semi-annually, and annually.


Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit.

Cleaning - Improve the System Efficiency

It removes dust and keeps the indoor environment comfortable by cleaning air-flow system. Also it’s possible to maintain efficiency and reduce energy consumption by cleaning the heat exchanger. Pressure level and airflow decreased due to contaminants. Improve heating and cooling efficiencies by removing pollutants from the filter and heat exchanger.

Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment Used by Certified Experts

Indoor Unit

Grill, front panel, fan, drain pan, heat exchanger.

Outdoor Unit

Heat exchanger.

Replacement - Supply Genuine Parts Under Fixed Budget

It’s possible to select a service level that suits your situation, and operation cost within the budget according to the service contract. Air-conditioning equipment randomly can break down due to changes in the operating environment and circumstances. When aging of parts progresses, failures increase. In case of repair due to sudden break down, it is difficult to respond to emergencies due to excessive costs.

Experts with Experience & Expertise

Expert education programs are operated and expert groups with expertise and experience in heating and cooling systems are positioned in each region.

Replacement with Genuine Parts

Experts provide replacement service with genuine parts when a random break down occurs and when parts replacement is necessary after regular on-site or remote diagnosis.

BECON cloud (TMS) - Monitor and Control HVAC System Anytime, Anywhere

HVAC system installed in the customer site is connected to the cloud server through the Internet to aggregate the operation status and data pertaining to the equipment. Comprehensive monitoring of data stored in the cloud server and analysis results are provided as reports. This solution allows you to watch your HVAC’s operating status. If any problems arise, you can identify them remotely and correct them quickly to minimise downtime.

Diagnosis & Analysis

LG's specialised big data analysis on abnormal signs of equipment and devices detects and prevents potential risks. It is possible to suggest the replacement time of parts by analysing the on & off information of the device, operation information, and environmental information of the installation location and its surroundings.

Energy Management - Suggest Energy Saving Plan Based on Expert’s Analysis

Energy management function is cloud-based system (BECON cloud).It provides heating and cooling energy management integrated with offline maintenance.The energy-saving program customised to your needs makes it easier for you to save money and to take care of the environment.After an expert analyses your energy usage, LG could suggest an energy-saving plan optimised to your needs and HVAC. The plan is implemented by an AI algorithm that controls energy usage and manages your HVAC’s performance.

Extended Warranty - Repair Service without Unpredictable Cost

Even if your product is past its warranty, you can purchase a proper "Extended Warranty" and receive repair services with a fixed cost. There are two options “parts only” or “parts + labor," and you can choose the extended warranty period (Years).

Air Purification Careship - Continuously Caring Air Purification Kit

Maintain air purification filter efficiency with the recommended cleaning cycle. LG Careship works by professional progress (12 Steps). LG Careship 12 steps proceed with Preparation → Cleaning(Pre filter, PM 1.0 filter, deodorisation filter) → Check. It uses cleaning chemicals and equipment.

No filter Cleaning Generates Problems

Not cleaning the filter (Pre/PM1.0/Deodorisation) generates problems like odor, reduced efficiency and health risks.

LG Careship 12 Steps

LG Careship consists of preparation(check/power off/separation) - cleaning(Pre filter/PM1.0 filter/deodorisation filter) - check(re-assembly/measurement/reporting).

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