SuperSign Simple Editor

SuperSign Simple Editor is a signage content management software designed to create content and playlist and easily distribute them with USB playback. Find out more below.


LG Simple Editor

Create new content by simplifying processes, and immediate playback on signage


With LG Simple Editor, create new content utilizing pre-installed templates or import/edit pre-saved content. Then create a playlist by adding the saved content, and share the playlist to an external TV via a USB or network distribution.


Key Features

Provides Various Templates

Provides Various Templates

Easy Scheduling

Content scheduling and direct distribution via USB

Distribution via Network

Over network content distribution available

Usage Scenario

Small Franchise Business

LG Simple Editor is recommended for small businesses and sports bars which require simple content display or play-on-air via their signage. It enables easy new content creation by simplifying processes, and immediate playback on signage.

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