Hot Water Solution (Hydro Kit)

LG Hydro Kit provides floor heating & hot water supply for a warm indoor environment that will have you feeling extra comfortable. It also allows a highly efficient energy solution when used with MULTI V.

Warm steam is coming out of the bathtub.

Hydro Kit

Providing floor heating & hot water supply for warm indoor environment.

Hot Water Solution with MULTI V

Cooling and heating operations, as well as hot water supply are available with the combination of MULTI V and Hydro Kit solutions.

Image showing the benefits of using MULTI V and Hydro Kit together.

Eco-Conscious Solution

As an eco-friendly energy solution through CO2 emission, it can be applied to various facilities that require heating and hot water supply, such as hospitals, houses, and resorts.

Show that products can be applied to various facilities such as hospitals and houses.

Space Saving

Wall mounted Hydro Kit with MULTI V S outdoor is suitable for residential application with its compact size and design.

Images showing products installed in warm rooms and walls.

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