LG MULTI V S is a compact yet powerful VRF solution for residences and small offices that provides high performance with low operation costs. Discover the smaller, more powerful, and eco-conscious MULTI V S.

products installed in a house


More compact, powerful, environmentally friendly VRF for residences and small offices.

Compact Size & Light Weight

MULTI V S 1 fan includes the technology and efficiency of the 2 fan model. With its compact size and light weight, it provides a better exterior view and makes installation much easier.

Image of Multi V S compactly installed on the terrace.

It shows that the product is eco-friendly.

Efficient Green R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant produces high green efficiency even with a smaller amount of refrigerant compared to the widely used R410A. This means decreased global warming potential and minimal depletion of the ozone layer.

*R32 refrigerant applied model only

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