An image of a couple checking in with a receptionist at a hotel lobby.

A more efficient way to keep your hotel pleasant

Energy Saving

- Free heating and hot water with heat recovery technology
- Prevents wasted energy with dry contact
- Top-class energy efficiency with innovative technologies

Smart Energy Management

- Integrated central control system with smart management
- Compatible with existing building management system

Comfort Condition

- Enhanced indoor comfort
- An indoor unit as quiet as a library
- Easy-to-use individual controller

An image of a hotel with thumbnails of public facilities, a swimming pool, a guest room, a lobby, and a control center.

An image of a spacious hotel lobby with air conditioning on.

Lobby & Reception halls

Large capacity allows for a reliable supply of fresh air to large spaces with high ceilings.

An image of a guest room with air conditioning on.

Guest room

Relax with low noise and pleasant air-conditioning.

Three Images of a coffee shop, a restaurant and a gym with air conditioning on.

Public facilities

A variety of indoor units allow customised solutions for different spaces.

An Image of a hotel spa filled with hot water.

Swimming pool & shower room

Free heating and hot water thanks to heat recovery technology.

An Image of someone using dual monitors for efficient energy management.

Smart central control solution

Efficient energy management through LG’s smart central controller reduces operating costs.

Product lineup for your hotel

An image of a man holding a smartphone with LG web page on the screen.

Inquire To Buy

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Meet LG's optimal solutions for various types of hotels

LOTTE Hotels & Resorts

The finest modern hotel brand in Myanmar.
/ Multi V, Chiller, Indoor units

Voyage Belek

Luxury 5-star resort in Turkey.
/ Multi V, Indoor units

Rydges Hotel

Australia and New Zealand’s leading hotel brand. / Multi V, Indoor units

INSULA ALBA Resort & Spa

Luxury 5-star seaside hotel in Greece.
/ Multi V, Hydro kit, Indoor units

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